Board Meeting Notes — 1/31/17

WESU Board Meeting — 1/31/17

Spring Program Start:

  • Thank you so much Hadley! You rock!
  • Aux cord issue in Studio A reported last night–update from Tues. night: Aux cord is working again
  • 2 people didn’t show up to their show last night, someone missed their show the night before
  • R said multiple people didn’t show up over winter break–this needs to be addressed at the staff meeting
  • If someone is not there, they need to call/email Hadley, NOT Ben M–we need to let everyone know this at the staff meeting
  • Remind people that the policy going forward is that if you miss your show, it results in suspension
  • Switched up morning programming
  • Beth is writing up a press release for the spring program
  • Cloie is designing the program and it’s almost done–this is going to get out fast! Going to the printer by Friday

Programming Decision:

  • Programming being finalized, so Zazie and Hadley calling for a syndicated show to not be off the air for this upcoming season
  • It is a syndicated public affairs show
  • The show features and does not question the beliefs of multiple concerning guests, including Holocaust deniers (like Christopher Bollyn), Alex Jones (who has written xenophobic articles and is recognized by the Southern Poverty Center)
  • This is not an in-house production and the host is not a WESU staff member
  • We should really think about the public affairs shows that we are broadcasting, and we should apply that feeling consistently–we should set up standards and codes this semester
  • The board unanimously votes for removing the program, replacing it with Building Bridges, a labor union show

PSA Project:

  • Some of our existing PSAs are sadly very dated
  • Start reaching out to student groups and recording this week
  • Create a group of people who want to do this and set a time to record/divvy up student group contacting
  • List of student groups: Wesleyan Doula Project, Middle Eastern Student Association, Wesleyan Refugee Project (Casey), Phone Bank stuff, Jewish Voices for Peace, any sort of mental health services
  • We will work on this individually–make a couple and a few different lengths for each organization
  • Outside student groups: ACLU, CAIR, IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigration Services), St. Paul’s House is doing a major fundraiser recently–could also reach out to CT branches of these major groups
  • Potentially put together a list of organizations to donate to
  • 5k run for refugees in New Haven
  • Beth: Phone Bank, Doula
  • Julia: WRP
  • Ben: CPE, Middle Eastern Student Association
  • Abby: Environmental groups
  • Zazie: emailing Kauanui’s class
  • Bryan: IRIS
  • Ben will make a google doc after this–let’s have 2-3 PSAs for next week


  • Taken out all the winter break promos, re-recorded the ones for shows that changed times
  • All of the promos should be updated–if one seems to be wrong, let Lara know
  • We want everyone to make a promo for their show this semester! EVERY. DANG. SHOW.

Board Meeting Times:

  • Tuesday @ 5pm seems to work for everyone except for Babe

Staff Meeting/Sexual Harassment Training:

  • First staff meeting on Sunday!
  • Debbie cannot do the sexual harassment training this Sunday, so we are trying to make it for 3/5/17 with Debbie
  • Sending out policy to staff a week or two before then
  • Modifying staff meetings in general–perhaps moving 1 to 2 meetings a semester?

Board Hours:

  • Let’s figure them out!
  • We figured it out! Ben will update the website once these are solidified