Board Meeting Notes 2/16/16

— Welcome (and thank you!) Abby for accepting post as TD  – need to add her to board list  & remove Simon. 

Follow ups: 

— Station history online update?: Ben G. updated the site as per Leif’s article and will contact Leif about his longer presentation notes.

— Program guide? It has been sent to the printer.

— Daily FB or Instagram posts? What happened to these? We must!!

— Record Fair:  Need to get the event listed in all of the Record fair websites and FB pages ASAP (Ben G.) Ariana?

— WESU app? Zazie will ask Miriam to come in and show us the app at next board meeting so that we can assess and decide how to proceed.

— Studio reservation system: Waiting on delivery of cable for monitor. Should be here tomorrow.  

— Can architects of this new g-cal system work on developing a set of instructions that detail how it works (for staff)? i.e.: how to make a reservation… Users can use their own gmail accounts if the calendar is shared with them, right? Otherwise, people need to use the WESU gmail account (which should remain logged in)? Ben G. and Abby are on this.

— CCP ribbon cutting Event on 2/26 – more details to come: Will have a table and easel… Can we mount and display Staff Photo/shirts/and program guides? (Tess and Ethan are making this) So far, we will have a display at event, some folks (only Ethan) will be at dinner, The alumni that the naming ceremony is associated with will be coming by the station on Friday for a quick tour and would love to meet some students involved… anyone available for 11-11:30 ish? Zazie, Abby, Ethan…?

— New music for automation – Erin will come in on Wednesday and upload/transfer.

— Music money: great purchasing at Red Scroll. So far we’ve spent $500 at red scroll, will need $300 for CMJ, already spent $200 or so on Dylan and other misc… Roughly $1,000 left — Sub MDs? Metal, folk, jazz… or 

— Upgrades/carpet Ben M is working on mapping out move for Carpet and upgrades… Asbestos 

— Abatement will happen first carpet will be immediately behind. Areas/Rooms that need to be cleared first are:  Hallway, studio C, Tech Room, and jazz/blues library. 

— Can we get the Argus to loan us some space? Is there still an unused office there, which we might be able to use temporarily? Hannah R. will ask. 

— Need to clear out/free up filing cabinets in board room to start putting CDs in…  will have work study get on this.

— Tess will find the board contact doc and re-send.