Board Meeting Notes 2/2/16

Follow ups

-Program guide – hannah and ethan will have it done asap.

– Asking SBC for fund $2,700 for delay – Tess and Ethan will arrange this in the next week.

-RedScroll / amazon purchasing – solicit staff requests (via email and meeting before trip?)

Studio Update: Studio B production PC died and has successfully been replaced. PC still needs tweaking… ie: it has been networked and can record through theboard. Needs Chrome and firefox and some other programs.

More on Upgrades – studio B will be out of commission during upgrade. Starting Feb 21st.  What do we need to do to meet people’s needs? Can we fix up studio C?

Prof Kauanui Radio activism and Media production – regarding class at meeting – arriving at 1:45 – to meet and greet before meeting.

CCP naming ceremony at Albritton 2/26– board will all be invited to attend. A few will be invited to a dinner with the trustees. Hope as many of us as possible will participate in open house at Allbritton, to represent WESU as an integral part of the CCP (and WES student experience) and interact with Trustees. We will also need to develop a display that represents the work we do — Tess and Ethan will make this.

Press release for new season!   Ben G and Hannah are working on this.

Event updates?  

– Record fair – need to change date or red scroll (and likely others) can’t attend due to record store day (the day before). Tentative new date is April 10th. (one week earlier) . No home games or other CT shows that date. Ben M has reached out to EMS to switch Beckham reservation. 

Other agenda items for staff meeting: 

Pledge update, hope to report all premiums have been sent out. 

Studio B new production PC 

Studio A and carpet downtime. How can we help people work around this challenge? 

Studio A upgrades: ask staff for input – Studio A will remain air studio with upgradedboard and phone system. Studio B will remain a production room and performance space.  We are working on making better inter-studio links for recording, making performance and group conversation equipment permanent and accessible. Better sound insulation.