Board Meeting Notes — 2/7/17

WESU Board Meeting — 2/7/17

Syndicated Programming Debrief:

  • A quick debrief of decisions from last week and what we want to do moving forward/how to turn this into productive action
  • Ben M expressing concerns about communication and free-speech with the station, as well as not wanting to have a strained relationship with the board
  • Need to work more to loop Ben in more and include him with these decisions
  • Response email to C
  • Need to move into making public affairs standards/codes so that we have set guidelines–how to turn this into a productive step into the right direction

Public Affairs Codes:

  • We started working on this last year but got sidetracked by the mission statement
  • Zazie wants to start working on this and wants people to get involved–Bryan said he is interested in helping out–Abby also wants to be involved
  • The hardest part: distinguishing between views that people disagree with and views that shouldn’t be aired by WESU? Wording is very important but it might be difficult to not make this very subjective–a lot of other stations don’t have this perhaps for similar reasons but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to have a document like this
  • Might be a good idea to ask DB because he has experience crafting ordinances and resolutions for the city
  • Work to make the code aspirational rather than disciplinary

PSA Project:

  • Updates/ideas on outreach and creation
  • Other potential ideas to engage the community: recording live events and putting them on our Soundcloud?
  • Bryan did not hear back from IRIS but did hear back from St. Paul’s House–waiting for approval from their communications department but will then make a PSA
  • Connecticut ACLU is going to send Lara a PSA
  • Zazie recorded a PSA at the refugee training meeting, just to get the ball rolling–we also have guidelines for making a PSA from last year’s class and will then send it to the board
  • Ben G is talking to CPE who is interested, still waiting to hear back from Middle Eastern Student Association
  • Julia talking to Casey from Wesleyan Refugee Project, but they will write scripts and we’ll get them recorded–also said that the Imam wants to get more involved with the campus so we could reach out to him
  • Abby talked to Wesleyan Climate Ambassadors, and a few of them just became Wesleyan DJs so we could work on that

Classroom Collaboration:

  • Professor Tucker is bring a BBC radio producer into the station–she wants to do something with the radio station that but that idea is still in works
  • They want to air something over the summer from the class
  • Professor Weisberg also wants to air interviews from her class over the summer perhaps
  • When we do collaborations with classes, we should strive to produce air-able content
  • We should give them clear-cut guidelines with a set number of episodes and time

Spring Program:

  • CL got the final program guide, a few things need to be fixed, but hopefully we should have that today or tomorrow


  • The training will start late this year because of spring break (will be 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after)
  • Interest meeting will be on February 19th at 4pm in PAC001–will post a Wesleying post when we get closer

Pledge Drive Ideas:

  • New T-Shirt, thinking about also a MYRP T-shirt to commemorate its 10th anniversary
  • Thinking about doing the ouija board design for the tote bag that was made last semester
  • What about a new bumper sticker design? Wyatt will take a stab at it
  • Amazing event at La Boca last year, great job Bryan! This could be a great annual event so that we keep people excited about it everytime it comes up
  • What about a block party in the parking lot? This would be really fun! Let’s choose a date around now: late April so it’s warm. Wyatt will push forward this idea. How difficult would it be to close down the parking lot? We could do a partnership with the Red & Black Cafe so they also get exposure. Would it be a dry or wet event?

MYRP Idea:

  • An open house idea for parents of students–will check in with Ben M re: budget for any pizzas for a potential event

Website Updates:

  • We should get something on the front page!

Music Directors:

  • BMI was reported to
  • In the process of emailing small labels to send us more music–if anyone has any labels you want us to reach out to, let us know!
  • Attempts at making digital copies of albums more accessible to DJs in the studio
  • Putting up a sheet in Studio A for RedScroll requests


  • Why have none of you made promos for your shows yet? Most shows don’t! Lara’s going to make a list of shows that don’t have promos yet