Board Meeting Notes 3/29/16

— Tess/Ethan H. will put up a sign in the air studio reminding DJs to sign in their guests

— R.O.: two weeks suspension, with official warnings on multiple fronts.

— Ben G. will get the Record Fair in Aural Wes’s weekend update

— pay for FB ads? over newspaper ones? Yes.

— Ethan Hill will help folks out in the studio 7 pm Wednesday, with live equipment

— Staff meeting reminder emails tonight and Saturday? Ethan H.

— Short Terms:


— Staff Meeting – agenda – Call for MD candidates – election Sunday – need to letters of intent, more to come…

— Absentee policy – Program D responsible for alerting the Personnel D who sends a warning EVERY TIME A SHOW IS MISSED. This alone should be a deterrent. After first warning – we come down on folks. To be discussed further and amended in code of conduct for our may staff meeting.

— M.H. : looking for Support of petition? not from board, at least.

Long terms:

— WESU App: Abby will update us on WesHack meeting next week.

— WSHU / NPR – plan to replace an hour of morning Edition, for fall 2016? to be discussed further

— Future of the Board – how to improve the student experience and make it more effective? Paid? positions. How much would that cost? How many hours is reasonable? Could we pay all and rely on work study for those who are eligible? Begin this conversation.

— Summer Board? To be continued.

— Bring back Community Liaison position? To be continued and of course decided on soon-ish before elections.