Board Meeting Notes 4/21/16

— Who needs housing for senior week? If you need it – tell ben M tonight. He’s sending list to Stacey Phelps tomorrow. Ben G. and Lara.

— Staff list usage protocol: when is it ok to email list? What should be excluded? How to properly use it to request coverage. While it is not our recommended first step, it is ok to use the staff list to get coverage. You are still responsible for the time until you have alerted the staff list and PD that it has been covered. In order to avoid confusion, the staff member responsible for spot, is the only one who should email the staff list. All other emails should be direct to the staff member and should cc GM and PD.

— Percentage of missed show policy – Perhaps something as easy as: The more of your shows you miss, the less likely we are to give you priority in programming. If a broadcaster misses more than ¼ of the airtime they are responsible for, in one season, they will not get the same spot in the schedule. Also, if you miss, we give you extra service hours — put this change into the code of conduct to be voted on at the May staff meeting.

— Pledge Drive: There’s a batch of promos ready to go. They I’ll be updated next week with a new selection. Need a blurb for our web page and fb page. Need FB event. Need new promo from board and staff! Working on mailing: Still waiting for the online processing to be updated to include the baseball cap.

— Confirming design choices – off white shirt with transparent lettering & navy cap with white graphic. Need to get graphic over to vendor for hat and place the order (2 week turnaround). Also need to put in T-shirt order with Sandbox. (Ben M can do Both)

— How about the MD collage for the mailing?

— Ben M has finally finished his draft of pledge letter. Will pare it down for proofing tonight. Hope we cani get the mailing going for Thursday. Board has pledge drive promos due next week for the competition.

— Did we ever follow up with the SBC to see if they had money for our digital delay unit? no dice 🙁

— Prison Radio event and meeting? How did they go? Well — more to come1

— Google Calendar reservation instructions? Can mount system as soon as instructions are ready and tested.

— Reunion Commencement – need to figure out the details (when) and get listed in the directory. Ben G. is on it. The plan is to have an open house at the station and put all efforts towards that. More on that from Ben G. next week re: dates/times.

— Creation of a WESU Staff FB page has been requested as a closed group to help facilitate in house communications. Ben G. will start making the group this week.

— Personnel: T + E will send email to D. about upcoming meeting.

— 2016-2017 Board of Directors – need to start mapping this out. Hopefully, everyone on board is interested in continuing. The station really benefits from continuity. Are there any conflicts among board members? Can we work out a slate that includes all board members who want to return? Contested spots are good and healthy as well. Running for 2 positions can help prospects have a backup position but that can also backfire.