Board Meeting Notes — 4/4/17

WESU Board Meeting — 4/4/17

Public Affairs Director:

  • Welcome Xandra! Got her set up with a key to the board room. Thanks for stepping up! Her board hours will be on Friday.
  • But Wyatt doesn’t have a key yet 🙁 c’mon, Wyatt!
  • Beth’s mom made cookies for us. Wow, thanks Beth’s mom!


  • Reception is tomorrow, Wednesday, 4-6pm in the Zilkha Gallery! COME ON OUT! It will also be up all week.


  • Amy Goodman
    • Trying to book Usdan 108 for Amy Goodman but ran out of available event bookings for Wyatt–can someone else book it? It looks like it is already booked.
    • Right now we have Beckham booked! But we are worried that this might be too big.
    • What is Usdan 200? DFC? But it is lunch time at noon.
    • We could book two spaces and then decide which one to pick in a week when we see how many people might be coming.
    • Decision is to stick with Beckham
    • Ben G will respond to ET, and we have the bookstore as a backup
    • We need a press release and promo for this! The time is set for 12-1:30pm.
    • We will also need a Facebook page and poster for this.
    • Question of admission for Amy Goodman. What about a pay what you want sliding scale? That way we would not turn anyone away and we could use Ben G’s venmo for donations there.
    • We can pull out the donation box!
    • Who can make a poster for Laura Walker and Amy Goodman event? Wyatt will make a very simple one.
  • Change in time for Laura Walker
    • They want a change in time from 12:30-1:30pm. Wyatt has a room booked, it’s in Downey 113.
    • Do we have posters for this event? No, we don’t. Could be a lunchtime series poster with both Laura Walker and Amy Goodman on it? Wyatt is on it.
    • How many people can come? We are expecting it to be somewhat full, around 30 people.
    • Unfortunately it seems like community members cannot come. Email the staff telling them that they can come, though.
  • Record fair is coming up this Sunday!
    • Someone else just signed up with a car for setup/breakdown. We need one more person to do DJing with vinyl but otherwise we are basically set. Worst comes to worse, Wyatt can do the last DJ spot.
    • Abby will send out an email to tell people about the Laura Walker event and for the DJ set.
    • Will we be okay with load-in/load-out? We always need more help! But we have enough cars.
    • Logistical challenge: the road race on Sunday. We are in contact to figure out how this will affect us. As long as we can be done by 10:30, we are clear for load-in. At 11, they will shut down High Street until 1pm. Ben M will reach out to all vendors in advance. How will vendors get to us? CL’s advice is to advise people to park outside the Goldsmith Family Cinema, so we will need big signs to direct people. We want to make sure we can get people to the alternate parking lot. These details should go on our Facebook events and they should go out to all the vendors (Ben M will do that).
    • Beth, post on social media/FB event page with the DJ lineup!
    • Flyers? There are some full-sized flyers that Ben M made over break, and we need to get them out around campus. Wyatt can do that Thursday.
    • Beth and Helly will be there on Sunday!

Pledge Drive:

  • Finalizing merch designs. Need to get all of our premiums in order so that the mailings can get out.
  • Bumper sticker made by Wyatt. It’s super cool! How much will it cost? It has a lot of colors. Ben M will look into it too.
  • Colors for totes?
    • We are thinking about doing black on the normal canvas bag design.
    • What about an extra color? It doesn’t seem like it will cost any extra. We might just stick with the normal canvas bag design because it might be more popular.
    • Tote bag order needs to go in tonight and we’ll have it for the record fair.
  • Colors for shirts?
    • Design that Julia/EA made is done. And it’s SO good! Beautiful!
    • What about colors for this? We don’t need to make the decision tonight, but we are thinking white-on-black. Ben M will send out the original design and board members can mess around.
    • For the older shirt design, it would translate well to white-on-black. Or white-on-navy?
  • PR for the pledge drive needs to be sent out by Beth shortly!


  • One more week of classes, going well. About 30ish people are still in training, which is great.
  • Tips and tricks email will be sent out to the staff soon.
  • Hoping to have the practical exams relatively early this year.

Rosie Dawson:

  • It was great to have her at the staff meeting! That was a really exciting thing to have at the staff meeting.
  • She is still on campus and the work is being made for WESU. We are hoping to get one one-hour show or two one-hour shows that can be broadcast over the summer.
  • Another class is happening that Abby is in that needs a lot of radio support (Responding to Political Turmoil). Every week, they have a guest speaker or two (professors) and they talk about a moment of political turmoil. Every student in the class will interview one of the professors and Abby will help create a one-hour episode for each one.
    • There will be about 15 episodes for this and 2 episodes for Rosie Dawson, so we can try to fit that into the summer schedule