Board Meeting Notes 5/3/16

— Pledge Drive – Need an alumni email pitch (hopefully from Ethan). Can be short and sweet. Will go out to 600 plus WESU alumni! Also have ticket winner and station guest email lists that can be addressed separately. Any volunteers to write up email pitches for these groups? Tee Shirts should be ready before Friday (to have for sale at Feet to the Fire). Ben M has also submitted order for (2 doz) WESU caps. Ben M will get a tally going on our fb page soon. Tess and Ethan H. will write up these three pledge letters this week!

— Abby has made a great blog post about her experience at a radio preservation conference in DC. Its great example of the type of Student WESU attracts and what their WESU experience can lead to. We should exploit this in our pledge pitches! Perhaps a web/fb post?

–Reunion Commencement Open House Figure this out and get back to Ben G so he can confirm with R/C office. Options are: Friday, 1-4pm at the station for an open house – or – Friday, 1-4pm in the Woodhead Lounge for a reception and Saturday, 2-5pm at the station for an open house. (Will also need a staff schedule, for setup, breakdown, and in between) *** Talk to Rob DeRosa about some sort of catering? We decided on one open house event on Saturday, from 12-3 pm. Ben G. and Lara: talk to Rob DeRosa, Nora’s cupcakes, Franco about catering?

— Feet to the fire – firm up plan. Need a staff schedule (including setup / breakdown) New shirts should be in by then! We can sell old shirts for $10 and new shirts for $20. Bumper stickers for $1.00 donation. Ben G. — update here? What’s our plan?

— Summer program – finalize and come up with a plan to design. (Cloie has volunteered for summer board…) or Did Ethan and Hannah already volunteer for this? Ethan and Hannah + Cat Walsh will take care of this.

— Spinitron – Streamrewind…. Imperative that we have a smooth transition for this for summer. Will also need to update the studio schedule (for reservation board) with any relevant changes. Abby will work this out with Ben M., and maybe get Babe on board with this too?

— MS office and Adobe Ben M finally has install files (making it possible to do the program design in-house).

— New Board – What can we do to aid transition for the positions that will have new members….? New Board will come to our meeting next week — be sure to get in touch with your counterpart, as needed. Tess will send along password/email document and make sure that information is all shared.

— Summer Board – any other ideas on how they can help? (maybe invite them to next week’s meeting, too?) — Ethan H. will invite Cloie to the next meeting, too, as the other two on summer board are Chris + Bryan, who will already be there 🙂

— Ethan H. and Tess will buy and set up the soundcloud pro account before the end of the year.

Ideas for summer thus far

Help with program mailing

admin help – pledge, summer program guide,

Music processing and reporting?

Disciplinary action as needed?

update/filll out soundcloud