Board Meeting Notes — 9/20/16

Pledge Drive:

— Hoping to start the pledge drive not this week, but the week after!

— Let’s talk about T-shirt ideas: Michelle made an image for the record fair that maybe would work. She will send to us tonight. T-shirt designs for next week! Cloie potentially has a design?

— Beth will work on a press release for the pledge drive

— We will discuss this more next weekend

— All board members make your promos!


— Problem with the MD email but Abby can fix that!

— Michelle still doesn’t have access to the gmail account

Disciplinary Action:

— B came in and shared his side of the story regarding sexual harassment allegations

— Abby laying out the timeline of events for all of this (starting with comments during the summer season). Complaints from three different DJs

— We clearly need an easier complaint system

— Need to talk to Ben M before making a decision–in the meantime, suspending his show until then

— Abby + Ben will write a short thing of everything that we know

— Must rework this disciplinary system

— Sending out an email to B tonight

— Beth also started a google doc to talk about today + future policy moving forward

Record Fair:

— Must sent out a staff email ASAP

— Asking for DJ volunteers–they need to bring their own records!

— Get a table at Usdan for the day of the record fair–Michelle will book this


– Follow up with WesHack people