Board Notes 9/24/14

Event Updates
-record fair: DW has a cool new flyer ready that doesn’t require you to “look through the horse.”
-Freakers Ball update: move to November? would fit better around Jonathan Tubin’s schedule. Everyone is on board with this.
-Record label showcase on 10/22 – DW is booking, pending funds from Concert Committee
-speaker series: Julie Burstein can come in the spring. What kinds of speakers would generate interest among people on campus beyond the WESU community? (want to appeal to a wide audience)

Program Guide
-update: having trouble because of the length of some show descriptions. The designer is in contact with BM

Breaking News
– staff meeting celebration moved to November (mayor can’t do Oct. 5th because of wedding anniversary)
-visit restaurants and check back in by the end of the month.
– meeting with RedFeather Studios: collaboration agreement in the works. Will need a liaison moving forward. Very exciting!

– production training in the fall & year round/on air training in the spring
– special training in the fall for seniors/people who are priorities for getting shows in the spring.
– deadline for deciding everything, so that we can have an info session: very beginning of October.
– work on ways for people in get involved aside from having show.

– press release for the last leg of our 75th season