Board Meeting Notes — 9/6/16

Welcome new and old board members!

Board Hours (work in progress)

Monday: Beth, Michelle

Tuesday: Lara, Zazie

Wednesday: Babe, Julia

Thursday: Ben, Abby

Friday: Chris

Unknown: Helly & Adam

  • Hopefully starting this week if you are able to


  • Sending out the word doc to all board members


Board Meeting Time:

  • Tuesday @ 5pm?
  • It works!!! Yay!

Individual Board Meetings:

  • Setting up individual meetings in Usdan
  • 10 minutes or whatever to discuss long term goals
  • Hopefully the week of September 12th

Summer Board:

  • No real cohesive summer board this year, but each individual member (Cloie, Chris, and Bryan) was super great–thank you all so much!!!
  • Maybe we should try having a meeting at the beginning and end of the summer next time and make it a little more official? But it did work well as a concept this time

Fall Program:

  • The fall program is almost done!
  • There is one half hour (Monday, 7:30-8pm) is open–do we want to offer it to MB? Public affairs? Ben M and Chris will figure it out
  • Hoping to get the program guide going out soon (Cloie is going to work on designing it)–she thinks she can do it in about a week or two
  • We can solicit designs from staff members too–looking for a two-sided program guide
  • Remind the staff about the start of the fall program via email

Student Activities Fair/Michelle:

  • Michelle will register for the event
  • Also she will create a google doc for the schedule

StreamRewind & Spinitron Calendar/Babe:

  • Babe will update the calendar
  • Chris/Ben M will add people as admin

PR/Press Release:

  • Beth will write a press release ready to go out about the new fall season
  • Spread that through social media


  • Update with new PSAs/promos
  • We have a new Audition!

Training/Service Hours/Julia:

  • Open to suggestions about training
  • Do we need to have all trainees do required service hours?
  • Interest meeting after getting the sign-ups

Music Director’s Blog:

  • Do we want to bring this back? Maybe just even posting the charts!
  • But also picture of NS
  • People can come in and review new music too
  • Getting people to come and help with MD stuff
  • Consistency with sub-MDs

Record Fair/Michelle:

  • We are only a month away from the record fair–October 9th! 11-4pm
  • Michelle should collaborate with other board members on this
  • We need a post on our website–also a flyer would be great
  • Wesleying would be great. What about The Argus?
  • Let’s get an on-air announcement going (Lara?)
  • Paid early bird admission from 10-11?
  • We need to get DJs to work the event (and they need to bring their own records!!!)

Board Agenda:

  • Collaborative google doc so that this is all more of a discussion!

There is a staff meeting THIS SUNDAY @ 6PM!