Board Notes 1/30/18

Board Notes 1/30/18




  • Organizational things


      • Board hours:
        • Monday: Ruth/Helly/Cormac
        • Tuesday: Xandra/Dillon
        • Wednesday: Babe/Beth/Jake
        • Thursday: Will
        • Friday: Luke/Meg
      • Weekly board meeting
      • Staff meeting coming up
      • Career center event
        • 2/16 at 12:15 (1 hr long)
        • Two reps from two different very cool companies (NPR and Panoply) are skyping in!
          • Good opportunity to network and get involved


  • Improved approach to training:


    • Avoid the overload of new trainees / make it balanced and efficient


  • Keeping up projects from last semester


    • MDs: music directors blog, digital updates
    • Cormac: Website? App?
    • Xandra: Let’s finish the PA standard
    • Sponsoring concerts
      • Pitching a new band coming — potentially a WESU show
    • Zine? WN@WESU
      • Need to churn this out with more regularity if we’re going to be doing it
      • As a student board we have a big chance to get involved with the student community
  • Record Fair!
    • No venue yet!!!




  • New program


      • How can we make a fair balance of shows during our new programs?
      • How can we facilitate a smoother transition between programs?
      • How can we make sure that people’s shows are maintaining our free form ideology?
      • Updates and points from Meg:
        • Pie chart of distribution of student/volunteer shows: 32% students and the rest CVs
        • Program process needs to start sooner


  • New projects


    • Podcasts! Time to start compiling resources so we can move forward with encouraging DJs to turn their shows into recorded content outside the confines of streamrewind. Compile a list of semi-experienced DJs willing to help?
    • a FULL/COMPLETE updated staff list + cleaned up personnel
    • …okay hear me out on this but a WESU dance party on campus…student DJs and the live DJs…..on campus/student hype
    • Staff meeting structure
    • Music archiving event (with Jocelyn)? — get funding by SBC?



  • New Spinitron schedule
  • New Streamrewind schedule
  • Scheduling meeting with Kofi (Wesleyan Consulting Group) for website development discussion



  • Pledge drive video?
    • Quick shots of students, CVs, alumni, donors asking for pledge?
    • Release in April on Facebook to get the drive going?
    • More visual stuff in general
  • Show promos…email staff next week
  • Assisting with pre-recorded/uploaded shows
  • Updating exam
  • Help with podcasts


  • Adding a technical aspect to training
  • Start training later!
  • DJ name + name
  • Full staff meeting
  • Organize training sheets


***Dj Name/Real Name list!


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