Board Notes 10/1/14

– big speaker for 75th anniversary? get in touch by the end of the week if you have ideas for a big but accessible name.
– BK birthday party: getting a committee together, would be great to book a show between Christmas and New Years
– venue, contact & interested parties
– who are the NY Weskids that are accessible?
– BM is emailing some NYC contacts

City Hall event & proclamation at staff meeting postponed until November
-visit restaurants by NEXT WEEK.

Dull Tools showcase: 10/22. David will talk to Concert Committee again to try to secure full funding.

Record Fair: people should be promoting it on air, flyer is in Studio A.
-David will make a Facebook event during his board hours on Friday.
-Food truck issue?

Freakers Ball: Jonathan Tubin might be a go! (a Thursday in November) – coordinate his availability, the Concert Committee’s availability, and openings at Eclectic.
– all events should be tabled unless towards 75th
– Record Fair: info to website. (Tess is on this)

– write-up of logistics about how it would work, what production vs. on-air training means, by next week’s board meeting.
– different levels of training
– do our best to make sure that they aren’t redudant
– OCT 15th meeting with Ben M.
– special case-by-case bases for Fall on-air training
– incorporate more stuff about sound.
– guides to put in a binder in Studios A & B

Program guides: design should be finalized tonight. Off to printer for 7-10 days.

Tech: Press page on website for links to articles, photos, etc. relating to WESU

Staff directory – Needs to be updated in studio.
-BG & E will cross-reference staff lists.
-should be organized in Studio A by show times so that DJs can easily contact each other.

MUSIC BLOG – the MDs are on it, will be talking to some people directly during their board hours.

Pledge drive:
– Need to start earlier, ideally with mailing of program guides
– “Give or Get” idea: board thinks $75 is too much. $25 is doable. Other options should be available. (SEE BELOW)
-Breakdown we decided on: is that people can either
-Raise a certain amount of money ($25???)
-Sell a certain amount of WESU swag (i.e., t-shirts) for the equivalent of the amount of money
-contribute 2 hours to pledge drive efforts (stuffing envelopes, etc.). this would be on top of regular service hours.

– If we raise a certain amount collectively as a staff, there will be a celebratory angle.
– Need to start early getting promos in order.
– how can we incentivize people raising more money? publicly track people’s progress?