Board Notes 10/15/14


Record Fair:  Need to get event listed on Wesleyan Blog, Wesleying (when appropriate), Middletown Eye, and any other community listings (SA has already added us to the Arts2go blog.)
-We need to follow up on organizing the vinyl for bringing to the record fair.
-Waiting to hear about Food truck.
-Needs more fliers (send to staff).

Dull Tools showcase: all ready to go for next Wednesday. Let DW know if you want to help set up.

Dance party: November 20, will have to end at 11PM. will probably start at 9 with 8:30 doors.
-will need to creatively market this to get people rallied for a relatively early show.
-silkscreening t-shirts! (the Sandbox guys are super down)

-about 60 people showed up to the info session.
-Anarchy on Air & ANR don’t want to go through the producers’ training program because of its introductory level.
-board consensus: will work out a plan with them individually to make sure they’re on the same page with WESU policies and using the equipment.
-should we require more of this semester’s trainees? service hours/internships?
-4 service hours
-optional internships (an internship could count for a service hour)
-required to make an automated show
-making a promo could count for a service hour
-timeline: 3 or 4 workshops across November, making an automated show by the end of November. (this will be in place of the practical)

-committees & blog: RS has to check in with ZE.
-the MDs can interview the artists who are visiting for the Dull Tools showcase.

-Press releases: Danielle will send Tess all the contacts for sending out the press release for the record fair (which is done)
-This week for record fair; next week, commemoration event with mayor, followed by pledge drive announcement.
-Art Mafia had first meeting. WESU Zine: Sandbox guys want to do layout, call for art submissions will go out.
-including the zine in our pledge drive mailing would tie in great with our final 75th anniversary stretch.
-fixing the Facebook: is happening in the leadup to the pledge drive.

-board challenge: collectively raise $1000

Brooklyn event: BM is sending out ticklers. (“Is that an obscure Brooklyn band?” -TA)

Fall break, are we set for this?  EO is coordinating.


-Abby: video is going well. More people need to send in photos! music suggestions from MDs?
-Becca is making official invitations to send. (Mayor, MR, Rob RR, RW and Kathy, JJ, trustees?)
-Student leaders or faculty that appreciate WESU or should know more (Izzy, JG, President of WSA, other key people)
-Schedule of events:
-5:30: picture
-6: food and schmooze
-7: meeting with fundraising stuff

Food updates: waiting on manager/owner responses from Mondo, Emporium, Nora, Haveli, Typhoon. Have confirmation from Red & Black, Iliano’s, & Taino. BM is in touch with Bon App.


– We will be asking people to tell us their own goals and will follow up with them.
  • divide and conquer: come up with email template to send people
  • puts the ball in their court
  • encourage people to make realistic goalsAlumni: need to reach out to alumni (sooner rather than later) asking for images of program guides, bumper stickers, and t shirts that we can incorporate into our online galleries of WESU history.

-IM is working on getting our programs /images up online in galleries as we speak. Once done with that he can also work on a page linking WESU/ Argus articles.

-TIMELINE of pledge drive:

11/2 (staff meeting / commemorative event)
Fundraising phase 1: Get program guide and pledge packets out in the mail to past donors
-During this phase, staff members are expected to develop, state, and pursue their off air donation goal.
-Goals will be collected by board members and recorded in a spreadsheet.
Staff members should aim to reach their goal by the next staff meeting/before we move into “Phase 2.”
-During Phase 1, we will also start to subtly talk about our fundraising goals on air and play “anytime” pledge pitches. (We should be playing plenty of 75th anniversary promos during this period as well)

Dec 1: transition into our on Phase 2: on-air pledge drive
-During this phase, staff member will be expected to make pledge announcements at least 4 times per hour. These can be live pledge pitches from our handbook (improvising is ok) or prerecorded pledge pitches.
-Ideally, this phase is completed within 2 weeks but it will extend to the end of the calendar year if need be.

Dec 7 (Staff meeting and pledge check-in)
-With Phase 1 behind us and folks having most staff having met their stated goals, we should be approaching our collective goal.
-Perhaps, at this point, we can acknowledge our staff members who have reached their goals, by presenting them with the incentives we promised.

Staff member issues:
-BI & RK want to prerecord their comedy show (1/3/5 Wednesdays, 1:30-2:30 AM). Board decision: they don’t have enough of a reason not to do it live and should be able to make it work as-is. It’s not super late, they’re on campus, and they have a live DJ after them. (DW: “Someday everything will be prerecorded.” EO: “We’ll all be robots eventually.”)
-RS no-show: will do extra service hours in the form of helping AS collect music for the 75th anniversary video.