Board Notes 10/31



-Bandcamp questions! Any contributions desired

-Board Picture

-Another round of program dispersal next week

-Fundraiser concerns are welcome but at this point it’s primarily in the hands of Ben etc.

-We need an App!

-Venmo account?

-Promo/PSA contest after the fundraiser/during pledge drive!

-Signup sheets for staff meetings — need to crack down more/make clear that it’s necessary for students to go



-Last minute requests for the budget are welcome!



-Tickets are online and at the boxoffice for the fundraiser

-Weird issue where we were charged $250 for the record fair (setup fee) — this was a quarter of our profit from the event



-Updating stuff

-Listened to a bunch of shows



-Second blog post is up!!! Yay!!!

-Calls coming in from promoters

-Many people coming in for MD board hours



-Sorry he was late — yeah RIGHT doesn’t look very sorry to me

-Training is over!

-Anarchy on Air catchups will happen during board hours

-Scheduling the written exam

-Volunteers needed for fundraiser



-Now playing tab on the website has been fixed

-Geofilter submitted



-Sending emails to notify local donors about the fundraiser



-6 new fundraiser promos

-Interns have been making pledge drive promos out the wazoo

-Phone banking schedule in the works




-Service Hour ideas:



-Livestreaming (get a camcorder/tripod)



Queen of Jeans Show

-December 2nd

-Do we want a merch table?

-Falls during the pledge drive — good way to frame merch purchases

-Board members should try to spend a little time there


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