Board Notes 10/3/17

Board Notes 10/3


  • Boxoffice
  • Reached out to a band about a possible WESU concert
  • Potential acts for the fundraiser
  • New shirt design in the making!
  • WESU 2017 Google Folder has all the necessary board documents
    • Event Ideas — brainstorming space for event ideas, bands to bring, etc.
  • Look at the board notes during the week for projects and to ensure forward motion!
  • What’s New @ WESU Zine! Take the last few mins at each board meeting



  • Spinitron schedule was not showing up on website — now shows up on the specific page but not on the “listen” sidebar



  • Possible program with Center for Prison Education?
    • Something to think about if not immediately plausible — ways to serve the incarcerated community



  • Figured out how to chart Spins



  • Now posting board minutes on the website




  • New shows are great!
  • Sharing shows at the meeting was great — good ways to encourage people/suggestions for contributors?
  • People might be encouraged by more people contributing/more emails
  • Come up with a general template for people to consider when sharing — 4-5 questions




  • Post-it note now on computer detailing how to find the newer promos/PSAs


    • There is a specific Fall 2017 promo folder
    • More PSAs
    • Fundraiser promos can’t be made until we have a little more info — aim for Friday?



  • Where are we sharing the email from (email)
    • People are welcome to print their own but we don’t have the printing capacity to do it ourselves



  • Facebook countdown for record fair has been live for a few days
  • Posting in WesAdmits Facebook pages
    • Ad in the Argus this week
    • Aural Wes responded to a request for a post, Wesleying still in the works
      • What’s In My Bag? (Aural Wes Record Fair feature)
    • REach out to Middletown Eye/Press for Ads
  • Met with concert committee — seeming hopeful for a WESU Queen of Jeans show



  • MD Blog — top album picks of the week
    • Need the login information
    • 3 New trainees expressed interest



  • Thanks to everyone who helped with Record Fair
  • Posters all over campus up by noon tomorrow
    • Aiming for Main St. as well
  • Reaching out to trainees to gauge interest for jobs
    • 10+ people for setup and breakdown
    • Full DJ lineup
    • 2 people needed at merch table throughout the day
  • Need a post with the DJ schedule
  • Need to talk to the box office about the Fundraiser
    • Max number of tickets we want to sell?
    • Door sales?
    • Reserve tickets?
    • Tiered pricing for students/faculty/community members?



  • Week 1 of training is in the books!
  • Ways to make training less monotonous?
    • Station walkthrough with Luke?
  • Sent out a list of hosts willing to take interns/board hours list for service hours

Ben M.

  • Board emails: we should ideally all be using/distributing emails
    • Try and figure a game plan for returning to this as opposed to having some @gmail and some @wesu
  • Merch!
    • New color/shirt combos for fall pledge drive in place of having to scramble for new designs — would have to be within a week or two if the latter as to not sit on sending out program guides
  • Pledge Drive: No hard dates yet but sooner rather than later
    • Target most-listened to shows for donation phone banks
    • November is fundraising month!
    • Aiming for $20,000
  • Transmitter
    • Still on 1500 watts — a few problems remain
    • Also a problem with the audio processor



  • Solidify a Name
    • Working name: Dinner and a Show
      • “WESU Everything Show”
  • Figure out pricing
    • La Boca event was $25, students at $10
      • Box office takes $1.05 off every paper ticket sold
    • Room capacity is 205 people
    • Marketing to donor list/people who came to last year’s event
  • Host/MC
  • Acts
    • 7 so far, with feelers out to quite a few people
    • Nonmusical acts?
    • Hoping to finalize by Friday, doesn’t mean we can’t add more but good for promotion/putting together a bill