Board Notes 11/25


  • Put note on door telling trainees to call board number to be let in
  • Create incentives to improve music shows
  • Discuss:
    • Program Application
    • Test for training
    • Staff meeting structure
  • Sponsor music archiving event w/ Jocelyn Arem (Grammy Award-winning archivist)
  • Soundcloud – if new DJs don’t get a show, then they could make Soundcloud public affairs/talk shows; those could be used for automation



  • Winter programming – first come first serve, then divvy it up
  • New questions for new program application
  • Add new DJs to the listserv for winter signups



  • Added pledge thermometer to the website
  • Created 5 promos



  • Spring festival for WESU



  • Manage phone bank with pledge drive
  • Trainees could get service hours manning the phones
    • Community emails then trainee email
    • Moondog matinee



  • Running PR for pledge drive on social networks
  • Mailchimp to alumni, mailchimp regarding transmitter



  • Sending emails to trainees w/ practicals
  • Note – only around 15 people showed up to the written test



  • Officially ~digital~! – folder in studio A with digital music
  • New music director blog post



  • Emailed WESU DJs regarding soundcloud archival – received a bit of interest in return
  • Still developing public affairs standards
    • Looking for critical thoughts on editorial shows vs. journalistic and source-citing shows



  • Noting discrepancy between training manual and written test – will get specific examples to rectify problem
  • Attempting to line up extra phonebank manners for Saturday for Moondog Matinee – need to recruit trainees or staff members
    • Ultimately DJs need to take ownership for phonebank to get callers
  • Note on spring event – check with Rob DeRosa for bands
  • Order officially in for new transmitter

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