Board Notes 11/19/14

Freakers Ball: ticket sales are subpar so far. everyone on the board should commit to selling at least 5 tickets directly tonight
-final push tomorrow (Thursday) at lunch
-strategic comp tickets for people who will definitely bring other people/get others to buy tickets
-logistics of final project: directing people to come in during mostly board hours, so that board members will be available if trainees have basic audio editing questions.
-getting in touch with RedFeather: not responsive. Offered to give the board a tour of the studio, but no word on the training front.
If people drop the ball at the last minute on a service hour commitment, they have to make up that service hour and get ONE additional service hour tacked on.
Production: Kiley & Allison (hosts of The Production Report) are interested in making an instructional video on how to use Studio B/pre-produce a show. They use Studio B a lot and are into film. Coming in Friday to start planning it out.
Pledge Drive: once packets are completely ready to go (today/Friday? is Ben’s letter done?), we will send out those pledge goal emails.
-Remind people to bring packets home for Thanksgiving!
-We’re finally up-to-date with incoming music!
-People will come into board hours to help with adds/organization.
-EM wants to help out with the music blog.
-StreamRewind troubles: alternating week schedule messed up, some CVs’ shows don’t have StreamRewind pages. Will work on this tomorrow during board hours & send out an all-staff email telling people without StreamRewind pages to make an account (once the listserv is fully functional again).
Other things:
TV show this Friday: Danielle, Laura, & Ethan will be attending.
last meeting: Tuesday 12/2 at 5PM