Board Notes 11/7

Board Meeting 11/7



  • Working on Bandcamp questions
  • Attendance at staff meetings!
  • New shirt designs 🙂



  • Conversation with a promoter — expressed disappointment that we’re “only physical” because he has a lot of digital material he wants to send us



  • How to become digital?
    • Install iTunes on the boardroom computer
    • We can just tell them we now accept digital files as well
    • They send digital copies but we don’t yet have a folder for them to go on the MD computer — easy fix
      • Or the Cloud?


  • Fundraiser
    • Service hours for coming?
      • Larger question: Is this unfair?
      • Anyone working a shift should get in for free



  • Queen of Jeans show for December 2nd is set! Contract went out tonight
    • Need another WESU-affiliated opener — Boogie Night Sweats? GMC?



  • Budget approved!
    • The only thing we did not receive funding for was the app — received a suggestion from the SBC to ask the Patricelli center for assistance in this realm
    • Also was suggested that we use a email for Amazon Prime to get the student discount



  • Scheduling practical and written exams tomorrow during board hours
  • Sent out service hours form, lots of responses
  • Staff meeting attendance!
    • Mass email to everyone who wasn’t there? Or just the full staff



  • Need to talk to Patricelli
    • Ben going to connect us with Michaela Kingsley



  • Going to start making tons more promos
  • Staff meeting time
  • Broadcast fundraiser?
  • Service hours for interns



  • Thanksgiving Break coverage