Board Notes 12/2/14

All staff meeting email reminder and agenda needed
All staff email issues – move to Google group?
-needs to be not open to the public
-setting so anyone on the list can send an email to the group.
-MR will set up group
-in the meantime: send any composed all-staff emails to Ben so he can send them out through MailChimp.
Pledge Drive – mailing is out, email blasts to com to different groups
-Microsoft Access: could potentially interface with QAC connection (analysis of donor/listener data)
-Abby will work on designing database over the winter.
FB event: Tess will make tonight. Everyone invite friends!
press release
new Promos
Winter break: Ethan will send out an all-staff email highlighting clearly available slots
-will post sign-up sheet on the wall ASAP
End of fall programming: people not required to do shows after Friday, but are encouraged to do so.
-will discuss spring season applications on Thursday
Organizing desktop on studio PCs: new policy – don’t save your own files to desktop, people can have their own folder within My Documents where they can save stuff
fix small detail on WESU history video – AS/DP will work on it.
Training: finishing up this week
-those who have completed training can produce online content next semester.
-work on creating online podcast platform
service hour sheets: remind people that they’re on Ben’s door.
-board hour duty to refill box of service hour sheets
-bring stack to Sunday’s staff meeting
-one sheet for each person for the entire semester?