Board Notes 1/28/15

Not the full board, but at least we sort of pulled it together!
In attendance: Danielle, Becca, Abby, Mizael, David, Laura, Ethan, Zach

Goals for the Semester:
-podcast by AR and other Wesleyan alumni – possibly post on website. Starting a series of podcast reviews would be cool too.
-new staff members out of production training: help out with PSAs
-WesWell “guides” – record as PSAs?
-phone coupler video tutorial: get footage from Kiley & Allis to finish it up.

-crews of volunteers – make people accountable to specific people on the board
-set up a timeline of events so people can choose what to volunteer for.
-have this apply mostly (or only) to students. CVs have more of their own schedules
-service hour checkpoints: set up exact date
-test run this semester: reach out to everyone to get people to sign up with board members for their service hours.

Danielle is the only student with a live public affairs show – encourage people to produce evergreen PA shows (work esp. with people who did production training)
-more collaboration: public affairs interest meetings
-remind newer DJs that they can have earlier time slots with PA shows (incentivizing public affairs)

-turning music director blog into a podcast

New staff members from last semester’s production training:
-sign a contract
-attend meetings
-4 service hours
-door code & access to equipment

-production schedule
-interest meeting: AS will announce at staff meeting
-require samples of what people want to do

-Record Fair: March 28
-Julie Burstein: April 8 – currently figuring out room setup for that, Ethan will follow up.
-other ideas:
-student TED talks: groups of people working on similar subjects
-host event featuring WESU DJs: post-Spring Break, mid-April?

Board Hours:
-not going to set up yet since not everyone is here. Some preferred days:
-DP/BS: Thursdays
-AS: Tuesday or Thursday
-EO: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday

Pledge drive update:
Just after Jan 1, BM received an email from an alum who donated $8,810 to WESU for our upgrade! That donation brings our total to roughly $30K for the winter pledge drive, officially our most successful fundraising effort yet (by far)!
Now… how to spend upgrade money? BM will work up the figure of how much we have (will just be a projection since we still have to make it through a spring drive).

Initial thoughts on how to spend “extra” money: finish computer upgrades, new mixing board, upgrade studio furniture/layout. new input devices, new phone coupler for studio A, perhaps one that interfaces directly with mixing board to improve call ins… and finally try to make studio be more conducive for live performances and groups of talking guests…. Unfortunately, we won’t really be able to begin making these purchases until after the spring pledge drive. At that point we should know how much extra money we have.

All that said, we still have several upgrades (already funded by SBC) that are waiting in the wings: including upgrading the security system, updating several computers, and replacing the dry erase reservation board with a new digital display and system. Simon Korn has done some research on an appropriate program/system.

Hartford Advocate Readers Poll is now open – we should promote WESU. Last year we came in 2nd, previous year #1! make promo(s), fb posts, web post – TESS

Program: set to start on Monday (good job Ethan!). Program guide in hands of Sandbox. This board will hereby be known as the one that got the Program Guide printed before the end of the semester.

Web posts needed for: new (spring) program and Hartford Advocate readers poll

Sunday board agenda: Readers poll, pledge update/debrief, spring program, election (will need ballots), more to come. Other board announcements?
-Laura: will post people’s show details on FB if they send them in.

Things to think about: Training outline dates (target), spring pledge drive (April-ish)