Board Notes 2/6/18

Welcome, Al! Β πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Beth/Babe (feel better Beth!):

  • Let’s try and establish definitive long and short-term goals
    • Long Term:
    • Short Term:
  • Perhaps consider separate board meetings dedicated to separately working on different things like Training, Program, etc.



  • Staff list update in progress
    • Phone numbers and DJ names very helpful in putting the list together
  • Training meeting soon — likely to be much smaller
  • There is a chance we end up putting a cap on CV applications in future seasons



  • Another round of Facebook posts promoting shows?
    • Not a lot of people reached out last time and 3 people already have access to the account
    • Still, not a lot of cons in keeping the Facebook account as active as possible



  • Public Affairs standards are in the google drive if anyone would like to take a look
    • Length? Templates to look at? Ideas welcome
    • New FCC PA format — going to take time to learn
      • New standards have to be posted on our website



  • Spinitron/Streamrewind maintenance



  • Promos from new DJs
    • Ideally during board hours but not particularly convenient
    • Meeting with a few DJs during the week
  • Pledge video in progress



  • Record Fair!
    • Ensuring SALD can cover the setup fee for new location — talking to them tomorrow
    • Perhaps get a band to play to beef up student attendance?
    • Red and Black has offered us a special 20% discount for patrons!
  • Putting out feelers for event ideas
    • Chaim has some of his own!
      • Pitched an author event at RJ Julia — can we cosponsor it?



  • Contact sheet in studio?
    • People can correct the current version if we put it up now



  • New vinyl!
  • New digital music uploaded to the computer in Studio A
  • Blog updated!
  • Good to catch up with promoters πŸ™‚



  • Newsletter idea — sending out board minutes?



  • Written test was controversial in content and helpfulness
    • This semester? Next semester?
  • Training Size: will be more manageable this semester but a smaller number of people forces us to be less boring/regulate attention more
    • Mini test questions based on the reading?
      • Once the test is revamped we might work backwards and cover different portions of it
    • Cap on training attendance? First come first served?
  • Checklist for trainees and DJs for what is expected as far as education, practically (taking readings during shows, etc.)
  • Adding a requisite meeting with a board member to talk about their show before they apply?
    • Tack on to practical?
  • Mandatory co-hosting during first semester?
  • Partners during training? Student/CV pairs?
  • Deadline to have solidified changes: nonexistent
  • Gaspipe Networks/Dar Williams book: resources with references to WESU/brown radio history

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