Board Notes 2/19/15

Spring Break Programming: Ethan is putting out schedule, will talk to Tess about a time slot for the grad student who wants to prerecord.
Program guides are out! Folding ensues.
Service Hour Check-in: BG will email the staff as a reminder.
-logging service hours both online and on paper
Training: interest meeting in about 2 weeks. First session right when we get back from break.
Production Staff Meeting: Monday at 5 at the station. Intro to the station/their roles, signing contracts.
Record Fair: start getting promos together
-Facebook event before Spring Break
-1 round of flyers before Spring Break, one round after.
Julie Burstein: all set, we need to start promoting. Will be at CFA Hall, free.
College Media Convention: Tess, Laura, & Becca will email Ben M. about wanting to attend.
Red Feather partnership:
-block of time every week
-recording visiting artists to later air on WESU
-maybe they can provide us evergreen content
-PR director as the liaison with Red Feather – also be in touch with Wild Wild Live
-having a relationship with them so that they’re willing to work with us if we want/need to utilize the space.
-make a graphic/something to make clear on their website that our recordings are WESU recordings
Public Affairs:
-People have been emailing LW about posting their shows on Facebook.