Board Notes 2/23/16

— Print Program: Hannah and Ethan H. will have this to Ben M. by Friday morning.

— CCP event: Tess and Ethan H. will set up WESU display at 5:30 pm. Group huddle at 6pm (other board members who can come). 

— BM sent a follow up email to dinner invitees today. 

— Display? Tess and Ethan H. will continue work on this and have it ready for Friday. Tess will email Leith about exhibition materials.

— Rec fair: coming along, 18 out of 22 tables already sold. Need to make sure we do some big time promoting to get a better turnout of patrons this time: Flyer, online posts to rec fair sites/pages, on air promo, etc. Need FB evet ASAP too. [Ariana will do, with Ben G.’s help]

— Training: First week went well, onto the second.

— CMJ subscription lapsed – subscription has been restored as of 4:30pm today.  Set up automatic billing for future as well. 

— WESU APP: Miriam brought this in to show us — looks great. Abby will explore further steps and we’ll regroup on this next week.

— Spring break programming? – Hannah will send out email and put up papers for sign up within the next week or so.

 — Upgrades:  The mixing board is in and powered up with sound!!  Should be fully connected before weekend. Once the board is fully installed, we can begin broadcasting from A again. Will see what the Abatement setup looks like before determining what studio to broadcast out of this weekend. We will likely wait for the carpet project to complete before we finish studio A upgrades.

RE: Carpet: Still need to get the tech room and studio C cleared out. Will do that tomorrow. The abatement people gave us an extra day. They will come prep on Thursday. And begin on Monday. 

— Lara will migrate PSAs and promos to studio B in the meantime.