Board Notes 2/26/15

Training: Share the Facebook event for the info session:
-KC will help out at the info session + future training sessions.
Production Staff: had their first meeting, signed contracts, very eager.
PR: Art Group talked about ideas for the semester last week, will meet again tonight at 8PM.
-tshirts: a weird one and a less weird one. Will decide what’s feasible in terms of having shirts for individual shows.
-stickers, pens, tote bags??? (we have a tote bag design by VT, maybe we could sell them at the record fair?)
-turning the zine into a larger magazine with more content, maybe once a season/semester. community-building around the magazine: will discuss at Art Group meeting tonight and solidify the plan.
-new Facebook cover photo image needed
-TA will come into the studio with Andreas to produce his show with him, will work on 4-5 evergreen shows.
-Spring break programming is pretty much ready to go.
-Julie Burstein: event space and workshop all set.
-put in a request for an honorarium from the SBC by Sunday.
Pledge drive: receipts and premiums have all gone out in the mail as of today. Ben M will put together a report for the staff to show at Sunday’s meeting.
Public Affairs:
bringing shows into the Pacifica audio port: Mind Matters (in the works), AOA
Sprouts (local stories of national interest): Mind Matters would be a good candidate for this, as well.
Jive at Five: gonna tackle that next.
Other updates: domain name now available: we put in a bid on it for $50, could just make it redirect to
-all in favor of purchasing this domain name
text-to-landline service: people in the studio can read and respond to texts received via the landline #.
-also: text to donation function – if you text a keyword to a certain number, it will lead you to the donation URL on our website. worth it?
     -not a real text to donate system: doesn’t put a charge on your phone bill, which would be more legit/helpful for us.
     -might overwhelm DJs
     -not doing it.
app: need an app where people can tune into WESU’s stream directly without going through a third party (such as TuneIn). should also have a Donate button.
-would be cool if it also showed what’s playing (through Spinitron) + the show schedule + archives.
-should be simple.
talk to Espwesso about playing WESU at the café!
End-of-year celebration: ice cream has worked out in the past, but let’s keep thinking of other ideas.
WESU tent during R&C Week: live DJs, other fun stuff. Tess will talk to the people she works with who help organize R&C week.
+ possibly a WESU concert?
ZE missed his show. Punishment: listen to ALL the rejected music. But really: make a post on the MD blog.
AOA: played music with a few f-bombs in it.
-Course of action? Have a WESU staff member in the group required to listen to the show (specifically the music) before it airs and sign off on it. That staff member will be ultimately responsible.
-everyone on AOA should become a staff member in the long run, become members of our community
-they’ll put together a written agreement about this by next week.