Board Notes 3/26/15

T-shirts: designs look great! we have one wacky design and one cleaner design.
WESU temporary tattoos will be a thing.
Bumper sticker/button designs should be finalized within the week.
Board Retreat to talk about the future of WESU: Saturday, 4/25
Julie Bernstein:
-will email poster to trainees interested in flyering.
-press release
-will include Google form for signing up for the workshop in the Facebook event/Wesleying ad.
-Center for Community Partnerships PR? Ethan will get in touch with Ben M. about this.
-other speaker series events: will make individual FB events for each. Look out for a follow-up email about the other speaker events!
-StreamRewind issues: Mizael is trying to fix now.
Thursday at 8, Sunday at 2.
-15-20 DJs signed up to host interns.
-about 100 people on the training listserv right now, the list will definitely shrink
-HR and KC will be helping out with training sessions.
Other personnel stuff:
-new list of staff members/contact info now up in Studio A.
-making a central place for people to upload audio stuff. Possibly combining audio production with an online version of the zine?
-still hoping to contact small labels/bands directly
-Music directors still have a bunch of money to spend (like $1,500). They should reach out to sub mds for help and purchasing suggestions. We usually give BR $100-$200 for Folk, We can offer JV some as well, and ask staff for suggestions. We can purchase anywhere online that takes a credit card but Amazon works good for most online purchases. The MDs usually organize a field trip to Redscroll as well.  Maybe talk to Rick about purchasing at the fair on Saturday?
Record Fair: Looking good! Nice article in Middletown Press today  (front page!!) and a couple of good record donations this week.  300+ have joined the FB event.
-more people have signed up to volunteer. David will go to the training session and get trainees to volunteer.
-The record fairs have turned into our most successful fundraising events of the year we really need all hands on deck.  IMOP (BM here) All Board members (who are not out of town or otherwise committed for the duration of the event) should at least be attending, if not working a shift. It’s called leading by example.
-Publicity: got Wesleying and the Argus covered.
-Other news: vendors space is sold out, records and cds should have been staged for preloading by Ian (workstudy today).
-BM will get cashbox, merch , and price sheets ready to go tomorrow
CMA conference report: it was great! we should definitely send delegates again next year.
Spring pledge Drive: BM suggest a goal of $20K and to start on 4/6 and continue through end of Month (or til we reach our goal) We need a whole bunch of NEW pledge drive promos and the new T-shirt designs to prep the pledge forms on and offline.
-Possible theme: Support the Art of Free-Form Radio.
Student TED Talk-style event: let Becca and Danielle know if you want to be more involved! This event will be an opportunity for students to creatively/interactively showcase ideas that they’re passionate and projects they’re working on. FB event will be coming out soon soliciting student speakers.
Staff meeting on Sunday:
on the agenda so far: Fall pledge drive follow up and Map out Spring Pledge drive, events, training, 2015-16 Board election pitches. Studio defaults (adobe audition). Get in touch if you have other specific agenda items.