Board Notes 4/23/15

Disciplinary action: last staff meeting absence follow up?
-sent to 7 students
-2 responses so far
-going to send it to the other people tonight and this weekend, through the general WESU email.
-Danielle will be sending out a general staff email about meeting attendance.

Pledge Drive: Brainstorm on value of WESU. Tactics to explore for inspiring pledges. FB posts, blog posts.
-letters should be done by Monday. (Danielle, Tess, Becca, Laura)
-write a blurb to send to Tess to post on FB
IF we don’t raise at least $20,000 we will not have the money we need for upgrades.

Commencement: can’t have a tent. Stick with the Open House. Update blurb for R&C brochure: it hasn’t been printed yet.
-getting an alternative space for a WESU alumni event? Tess and Laura will meet with the head of R&C tomorrow to discuss.
-Zelnick Pavilion?

Board hours are important, we have trainees dropping in for service hours between 4-6 so please make sure someone is around.

Sandbox arts shirt sales
-for precedent: 10% of their proceeds will go to WESU since WESU’s name is on it.
-if they don’t break even, though, they should let us know. we shouldn’t prevent them from doing that.
-tonight and Sunday: review sessions before the written test
-Tips and Tricks: Sunday, May 3, at 3PM
-practical exams: finding out now when Studio A is open.
-summer show apps: will go out within the week.
     -sending the app out to trainees: people can apply as long as it’s clear that they’re making a commitment to completing the training program.
     -applications will be due on 5/8. Training should be pretty much wrapped up by then.
-testing: Need to map out process for trainees to participate in summer schedule. Let’s not let them slip through cracks.

NYC Record Dude (Keith) took remainder of records  that he purchase from WESU at the Record Fair. All that remains is a relatively small load of CDs and loose 78 rpm records.

Since we freed up that space, we have already started to move last year’s giant record donation to studio X, where it will be out of the way until we implement a process  for sorting that donation.
MD purchasing: the MDs are going this weekend and have been in touch with sub-MDs.
Public Affairs:
-Helen just recorded her 50th episode of Mind Matters. Should be up on the Pacifica sharing network soon. Super exciting!
-Laura will send out an email soliciting content for Sprouts (30-minute public affairs shows broadcast nationally)
T-shirt sales: slight delay with order. Supposed to pick up shirts today or tomorrow. What price should we charge for students? Can we sell old shirts as well? Maybe $10 for old and $15 for new (pledge price for new is $35)

Feet to the fire? WESU table at the event on May 8 – Tess will get in touch with Eliza about this