Board Notes 4/5/16

— Finally added Chris to the board list (today).

— Rec certification – get an operator’s manual together, then we can continue this conversation. (Perhaps project for summer board – since it is mainly for CVs?) Hannah and Abby will get a start on this perhaps?

— Feet to the Fire.. – We have apparently signed up for a table (Sat May 7th) – and have agreed to broadcast some PSAs. Lara, Ben G.?

— Discipline – has anyone even looked at op logs recently? hannah is now.

— Rec Fair Final Promotions – what’s left? everyone put up 10 posters.

— Staff schedule rundown – What is Matt P responsible for? Hannah will get in touch.

— Enough people and vehicles for load in and out? How many? yes

— Could use help this week, preparing the collection for transport (transfer to new sturdier boxes): service hours, let trainees know.

— Mayoral podcasts on air? Middletown’s Mayor Drew is now recording a weekly podcast. City wants to know if WESU can air. BM and HR have talked and agree it would be a challenge to program around a 5-10 minute production unless we can get a DJ to absorb this into their program… and that’s a long shot. Let’s see what develops.

— Wshu/npr followup: still need to figure out best hour of ME to drop. Will ask WSHU for some listener data/insight to help pus make an educated decision. Possible replacements include: A mix of 30 and 60 minute weekly programs from Pacifica, PRX, and local/independent sources. A “liberal” daily like The Thom Hartman, David Packman, or Rising up with Sonali Kolhatkar (if technically possible) or another. These are all available via paciofica but may not be available for an east coast am broadcast. ***A live local show would be really awesome and should be our ultimate goal. While possible to pull off with volunteers that would require more work board members and Ben M. BM suggests we work to develop enough support to hire a producer to make happen. Not out of the question but it will take a while for us to get there.

— Best of WESU archives project? Name it? We already run a pacifica show called “From the Vault” and a music show called “the Vault” so we should think of another name for it. Can we dedicate a page for this? Abby + Ben G. will think more on this.

— Summer Board – Ben M suggest a four person board – Summer MD, CV liaison, Program Manager, and General Manager. Bryan Skowera has indicated he would be interested in both the CV liaison position and summer board.

— Training: update / needs? coverage needed for this sunday.

— Pledge drive: getting mailing ready this week. Ben M and Ethan are working on their parts of the packet and updating pledge form. Tess and Ethan H. will make collage. Will also get on line system updated.

— Need to nail down premiums: shirt design – red rectangle on off white.What else? Maybe a hat? Military cadet style cap ($8-$9 ea)? Trucker hat with mesh ($3-$5 ea) ? still voting on white/navy or white/black

— End of the (academic) year is in sight! Maybe 6 more board meetings and one staff meeting left… yikes! Need to start sizing up prospects for 2016-17 Board of Directors. Who’s sticking around? New prospects for positions?

— We voted yes on adding CV liaison position back to the board, as a voting position.