Board Notes 9/10/14

-Individual meetings (at Usdan): Friday 9/19
-Student Activities Fair: this Friday 9/12 – need volunteers – will send out Google doc with time slots
-Record Fair flyers for Student Activities fair – can someone make one quickly?
-Record Fair new date: Sunday 10/26/14 (TA will ask Art House people about making flyer; Ben will make it if not)
-Family weekend is 9/27 – tour of the station? presentation/donation box? (TA will make it)

Concert series very unattended last year – let’s change that!
Halloween 75th anniversary: Freakers Ball!
silkscreen tshirts

-Staff meeting in October: WESU birthday celebration
1. staff meeting with visitors
2. event at City Hall

-Speaker Series: EO spoke with Julie Burstein: October?
other people? -wesleyan storytelling project
-Laura Walker
-Andrea Silenzi

-75th anniversary in general: density of events to increase our presence in campus conversation

-training – general timeline? start date? – end of this month or beginning of October.
-making training more interactive: emailing staff to see if they want to come in and talk to trainees.
-incentivize with better showtimes? two training tracks?
-attendance at staff meeting? -not so great.

-a larger conversation about training will have to happen over the next week or two.

-any outstanding issues? -alternating problems. people not logging the levels. trying to get to the bottom of this now.
-program guide is in the works

-email issues
-Google calendar: people have to input their own events.

Facebook person vs. page – any ideas?

-Tess will email Facebook…?
-more consistent updates
-MD blog? Sub MDs/other staff members should also chip in.
social committee?

Public Affairs:
-decentralized, a lot of community DJs. let’s make it more centralized by making a public affairs listserv, as a way to consolidate interview requests, resources, etc.
-get more students interested in public affairs.
-incorporating public affairs programming/content into events at Wesleyan.
-raising the profile of public affairs

-need any more people on board? not really.
-re: training & production: hands-on tutorial
-incorporate making promos/boosting production skills into service hours.