Board Notes 9/15/15

Program — Hannah and Ben M just received have the (almost) final version – it just needs descriptions for as few shows…Ethan O and Hannah will furnish these over the next few days. Cloie Logan will be designing the guide. She will send an update / ETA for finished project soon. Hannah will make sure that staff are aware of automated spots – when to put up automation – (jive, late night, other public affairs….).

Tech — Simon got spinitron and stremrewind set up and will send out an email instructing staff to sign up for both, within the next day or so. The door code should not be sent over staff list like it was last week (there are likely folk who are no longer staffers on there), so the code needs changing. Simon will talk to Ben M about process. Simon will also do some research into fixing problems with our website’s mobile interface.

PR — Ben will write up a short press release announcing the new fall season and get it sent out to press contacts asap. He will also make facebook posts and blog posts on the website about upcoming news: Waxahatchee (he’ll put the link to buy tickets embedded in this post), New Fall Season Announcement, and the Record Fair.

Student Activities Fair (this friday): Ben will send out a google doc to sign up for shifts / organize the efforts.

Personnel — Right now we are sticking with the google group, which Ethan will cross-reference with other group lists / the staff list asap, but we will also be considering ways to possibly streamline or improve our capabilities in this regard, in coming weeks.

Training…To be talked about much further at our board retreat this Saturday.

Events — Record fair updates:  Flyers, promo, and Facebook event are all up and running, thanks to Ariana 🙂

Waxahatchee –  Flyers, promo, and Facebook event are also taken care of here. Nick will send all members of the board a copy of the poster in the next day or so, so that we can each put 10-20 up around the Wesleyan campus + Middletown.

Misc. — Board retreat to happen this Saturday, from 12 pm – 3 pm (at the most). All board members are expected to attend (we’ll see if Nick does! it’s his Birthday, ok?!) Meet an Neon Deli at noon to pick up some lunch. Then we’ll head to Miller’s. Tess, Ariana, Erin, and Ethan all have cars — carpool is to be determined.

Cymbal? — We think that, right now, the board/station has more pressing tasks to be addressed and that we don’t really have the time/energy for this. So for now, we are not interested in pursuing this option.

Email — Everyone will contact their predecessors about getting their WESU email usernames/passwords. Simon will work on a document consolidated that information.

Keys — If you need a board key, you have to send a request to Ben M including your full name and WES ID.

Budget — We need to get this together. Tess will meet with Ben about this later in the week this week or early next week.