Board Notes 9/17/14

General Stuff:

-Update board info on the website: Tess is doing this

-DJ Rob Chocolate Cake has been away: should he prerecord stuff or should he just find replacements? (sub would probably be Business Buzz) – He is going to prerecord his show for 2 weeks

-Play the PSA for Muslim Women’s Voices – let Ben know if you want free tickets to the CFA event this weekend – between now and Saturday @ 9pm

-Coverage of shows is an issue: too many all-staff emails
-Ask people before and after you first if you need a sub
-EO is going to send out an email to all staff about this

-BS and DP are meeting with us individually on Friday – BS will send out a list of times for that
-the meetings are at the tables down in Usdan


Record Fair: October 26th
– We need a flyer, David is working on that flyer – AS and DW will work on this on Friday
– Whey Station can’t come this year so we need to find other food. Thinking about the Kickin’ Chicken food truck – we won’t make any money off of them, but that’s okay because it’s juststarting out

Freaker’s Ball
– Only Halloween night is open for Eclectic that weekend but they might book it in the future. If they don’t, then we can have that night. Half good news? The weekend before, there is a date open (October 24th)
– Other venues as backup? – don’t want to compete with Eclectic that night if they have something booked.
– Ask them again about when we can know about the 31st?
– Give Eclectic an ultimatum
– Booking Johnathan Tubin – reach out to him to find his availability
– What about the act already booked by Eclectic being part of our event? Does that go against the point of our event? We want it to be a dance-y party; maybe it won’t work to make the event about WESU – not doing that because we want the event to ourselves
– Selling tickets ahead of time
– We should make T-shirts?
– Students only

Speaker Series
– Julie Burstein: emailed last Thursday and not responded yet, Ethan will send a follow-up email
– Should it be a speaker series for the fall semester (75th) or the entire academic year? – We want to make it the entire year
– Any other leads? Be in touch!
– We are not limiting it to Wesleyan alums

Concert in Brooklyn?
– Making a committee to arrange that for during winter break – does anyone want to get involved?
– many NYC connections
– Ben knows a guy
– Booking a band for a concert?
– This would be a 75th anniversary event

Ben M’s brother works at a BBQ place, Taino – using that as a WESU venue? – could possibly help us cater our October staff meeting?

October Staff Meeting
– Reserved the DFC, it will mostly be a photo op celebration
– The mayor is coming, maybe the governor!
– DFC has beautiful sunset views, for real though
– MR will be there
– At 5:30pm, before the meeting, we will have a photo op thing in front of Olin
– We want it to be catered, maybe appetizer type things, reaching out to local restaurants to see if they want to donate any food
– Does anyone want to help out with that? Restaurant visits happening this weekend!
– Maybe TA and BG will do that – talk to DP
– LW can help out during this week too
– Creating a Google Doc for the restaurants
– Offering them underwriting – promotes the restaurant on air (at the value of the food) – BM has
a rate sheet for underwriting, that’ll be sent around

75th Anniversary Video
– Who wants to put together this 2-5 minute video? AS will try this, talk to BM about it
– She can ask if she needs help

Student Activities Fair
– We got a lot of sign-ups; they are in the box
– We should make a really weird WESU t-shirt in the spring

Could we have a silk screen shirt event?
– Freaker’s Ball shirts?

– 75th anniversary gala – better get on that if we want it to happen.

Public Affairs
– Creating a list of standards for shows, make sure everything is fact-based
– A Ten Commandments type deal
– What is the line between public affairs shows and not public affairs shows?
– Maybe anything that incorporates public affairs follow these rules
– LW is creating a public affairs listserv right now, but she might be missing the shows that straddle the line (like the Feminist Power Hour)
– LW will send out an all-staff email to ask about if they want to be added to the listserv


– Facebook dilemma? Another fake person won’t work – everyone agrees that we just want one page

– The Music Director’s blog? Music reviews/current stuff, staff members can contribute and everything – everyone could send the posts to Tess to post on WordPress, or just do it directly
– RS and ZE will talk about that blog

– Evaluating existing shows? Each board member will listen to a show to make sure everything is still going smoothly – we would split that up amongst the board
– Space out those evaluations throughout the semester – giving people feedback? Minor suggestions?
– Delegate among the board – EO will talk to BM about that

– We need to come to a consensus tonight
– Internship program? Somehow getting people involved this semester with training
– Workshop production training this semester
– Dry run a production training this semester and have a refined one next year

Delegating stuff to create departments: anniversary, community-oriented. Ideally this semester.