Board Notes 9/19/17

Board Notes 9/19


  • Student Groups Fair: This friday, 2-5 outside Usdan! Things to bring:
    • Speakers for livestream
    • Signup sheet
    • Merch?
    • Zine?
  • Followup interest meeting SET for 7-8pm the following Monday (the 25th) in PAC 001
  • Wild Wild Live band suggestions wanted/welcome!
  • Do we need to send out an email about recording levels? Have noticed last 2 shows there were a few gaps


  • Updated public affairs catalog from the summer
  • Middletown Youth Radio


  • Going through music catalogue
  • CD player in board room broken


  • Revising training manual (including sexual harrassment policy)
  • Dates for training (Jack helping out on Thursdays)


  • Made a couple of PSAs
  • Pushed promos into one folder called “Fall 2017 Promo”
  • PSA CDs (burn some PSAs onto them)
  • Send out email to encourage 100% show promos
  • Promos for Record Fair and Fundraiser


  • Sent out individual emails to people who didn’t fill out sexual harassment policy; 3 people still haven’t responded


  • Accidentally booked Lawntalk on Sat Nov 18 for Earth House – will attempt to change
  • Lawntalk most likely will not play at fundraising event


  • Ready to go with food
  • Need access to the box office for fundraiser


  • Fall Record Fair
    • 10am-4pm (first hour is early bird)
    • Sent out first email to staff about volunteering for set up / break down
      • personnel -> once training starts, plugging record fair volunteering for service hours would be super helpful
    • Half of DJs lined up for the event
    • Flyers almost done – 1 ready to go, 2 being photoshopped
      • Need distribution via wesu website, facebook page
    • Promos for the event
      • Board and general staff if they want to make some?
        • Possibly another plug during training?
    • Need ad in Argus, Wesleying, AuralWes
    • Need facebook events page
    • Need transportation (Jake and Beth have minivans)
  • Fundraising Event
    • Need to decide on what type of show we’re doing
      • can’t solidify entertainment until then
    • Selling tickets in the Usdan box office and online for students / community
      • Price -> $5-$10 students? $20 community members
    • Ben and I made a long list of potential acts (community and student), other ideas definitely welcome!
    • PR: Need facebook event – put it out 1 month before; Need posters around Middletown and Wesleyan; Luke can make promos
    • Buttonwood Tree -> they have list of people playing gigs
    • Hand out awards (e.g. most loyal member of station)
    • Entertainment Acts
      • Joy Again: small, young indie band (beth talked to them after a show and they said they’d love to come)
      • Lawn Talk: ex. Pres of WESUs  (ethan hill) current band in philly. All wes alums. Saw them this summer and were so fun. They are touring in november and want to stop here.
      • Noah Bearman (?)
      • Ronnie Arbough (?)
      • Amanda Palmer – Will has friend in her class
      • Music department members
      • Pres. Roth (piano)???
      • Use community / donor network
        • Buttonwood tree, look at their schedule for comedy troupes
        • Charlie Neville
        • Other reggae acts -> sing with a DJ?
      • Student
        • Classical pianist staff member (student)
        • Reggae singer -> JDC band  (friend of dj derrick morris)
      • Student groups
        • A capella groups
        • Improv / stand up crews
      • Student bands -> acoustic or small / quick setup
        • Marching band?
      • Henry Hall
      • Hip hop acts??? (on campus, in community?)
      • Turn table performance -> burk ziggler (on staff) and erune ranganathan
      • Reach out to rob from homegrown
        • Belle of the Fall (americana duo)
        • The Balkan brothers
      • Art farm, circophany (theater group?)
        • Pr advantage for them
      • Dar williams -> multi-grammy winning folk singer
      • MASH acts – look at lists
      • Reach out to Bill Revil -> folk
        • Does tons of ticket give aways and interviews with artists
          • We do tons of promotions for them
        • Pick brain for ideas
          • Sputin divel (?)
      • Connecticut oldies club -> reach out???
      • Wax museum with jim santabarbara -> has big oldies people on for interviews
        • Can directly contact with artists
        • Looking for people to come out for 1-2 songs as a donation to WESU
        • Fred Paris??? For one song??
      • Pastor monts -> gospel choir director at Wes
        • If he could put on a small ensemble together….


  • Sent out emails regarding publicizing shows


  • Fixing streamrewind schedule, Spinitron schedule, website


  • Sexual Harassment policy
    • Grey area in policy is questionable – should be “WESU has a zero tolerance policy of sexual harassment”
    • Suspension of person accused pending investigation
    • “At minimum, the violation will be recorded and filed by the Personnel Director” could be changed to “The accusation, regardless of outcome, will be…”
    • Show up 30 min before next board meeting (Sept. 26) to help rewrite policy