Board Notes 9/26/17

Board Notes 9/26


  • Sexual Harassment policy is set
  • Fundraiser
    • focus on community members
    • Caliber of Acts — we don’t want more than 3 or so
    • We gotta talk to Ben
  • Training
    • Look at the sheet and see what times you might be able to help!


  • Tech: the streamrewind calendar needs to be updated — Getting a couple complaints/there are empty spots right now



  • Training starts Thursday!
  • Emailed DJs asking to host
  • No Amanda Palmer :/




  • 🙂




  • Guidelines/Policy for Public Affairs shows
    • Thorny “free speech” argument
    • Way to structure what we’re looking for in this particular arena
    • Make a google doc for people to throw ideas in — make something formal after the record fair/fundraiser



  • Board hours change




  • 🙂




  • Queen of Jeans: Female led rock band
    • Asking for 1-2thousand but less if we can’t afford it
    • Do we want in on this? YES!



  • Record fair
    • Coming up in a week and a half!!!!
    • All DJs lined up to spin during the event
    • have a good number of volunteers for set up / break down, sent out another email to try to get more
    • Flyers finished, time to start putting them up around campus / main street!!
    • Still need promos for the event – either board or staff members
    • more posts on facebook leading up to event, do we have ads lined up for argus / campus media outlets? If not, we should try to get some
  • Fundraiser
    • What exactly is the name of this event?? Starting time = 5pm?
    • Confirm things I brought up in email I sent for ticket pricing
      • 6pm start time
      • Ticket pricing
        • $25 community, $10 student
      • Max # tickets we want to sell
        • 100 student, 100 community (can adjust numbers flexibly)
      • # of reserved tickets for board / staff members, special guests, etc (?)
      • Door sales?
      • Need volunteers to take tickets at the door
      • NEED a smartkey for ticket income -> no idea what this is, hellllllllp
    • 10-12 acts




  • Fixing streamrewind calendar
  • Going to send email out to wesu_staff requesting them to sign up for spinitron, streamrewind




  • Show Promos
    • Going to send out some encouraging emails
  • Record Fair Promos
    • Made a few!
    • Sending out an email to encourage people to make their own/get the word out
  • Promo as service hour
  • Clearing old promos
    • Make a folder with specific ones to use