Board Notes 9/29/15

Waxahatchee – Great job, Congrats! Any debriefing necessary? What worked what didn’t? How to get money deposited to WESU accounts? can tell Alisa/SALD it should get moved to WESU smart key 1231183201 (leave this number out of the minutes please)

-Recording was great, we should air it maybe sometime?

-We got about $500 from ticket sales. How do we get that? Smartkey?

Ben M completed and submitted the grant application for backup power and sound insulation – will be announced Nov 30th

Staff Pic – pre meeting on Sunday?

Debate – not likely.

-Possibly interview other candidate instead of debate?

Need Website update… Still showing Waxahatchee up there.

-Review of Waxahatchee?

-Link to Argus article about Wax?

New shirt and bumper sticker designs? if so need to get going… (please just one new design per season)

-Need theme also!

-Email Lee Berman about it.

-Bumper sticker that goes with the pledge drive theme?

*new t-shirt and bumper sticker design should be finalized by 10/15

WESU info brochure… we should really have one. Would be especially handy for distributing when we don’t have  Service Hour for someone

ben goldberg – cardinal print/copy


-Zazie’s friend Isabel

-We have $1000 in the budget, we’ll see if we get it.

-Main goal is just a screen with a play button.

-Make promos for app? No, too corporate.

— budget additions? What were the additions beyond the regular allocation requests?

— Record fair – fb promotions.. Invite everyone! – has everyone done this? Perhaps Ariana should send an email about this?  There’s a record Fair in 5 miles away in Cromwell this weekend, need to get someone up there to pass flyers!

-Discount to get people there?

-5% off? They’re already really cheap.

-Buy a record, get a CD free?

-Buy a record, get a bumper sticker?

-Food: Food trucks can’t come onto wyllys?

@wesu email situation – everyone in?

WESU Facebook – reminder that we want a FB post up during every day’s board hours…

Also, should we create a WESU “community” entity/account on FB? Perhaps this will enable

staff and fans to post without going through a moderator?

community page?

board CMJ –  Erin is in (needs to reg before 9/30 deadline)gister . Waiting to hear from Nick.

Third pass? (will cost $249)

-Nick and Erin want to go. Nick has to get a ticket nowish.

-Interview the bands between sets.

-We have connections to some bands playing there.

Program guide – almost there


Just send it to the printer. Mona Lisa on flipside.

Training  — update training materials?  (log, code of conduct, safe harbor clarification,)

-Buffer zone between the two sessions?

-Get staff members to help out

-First training session October 8th

Sunday staff meeting agenda –  picture – rec fair – pledge drive

Pledge Drive – Seem to make seems to make sense to shoot to start at the beginning of

November. That will enable us to hit Wesleyan Homecoming (event?) and Thanksgiving.

Hopefully we can wrap it up well before break. This timeline give us 4 weeks (from now) to get our act together.

Can we build off – of silent or Do not disturb a la WSHU?  Don’t make us go Pirate on you?


-Event during homecoming?

-Vote-off: We want themessss everyone come up with at theme that isn’t Pirates vs. Vikings and

next week we’ll have a vote-off.