Board Notes 9/5/17

9/5 Preliminary/Planning Board Meeting



-Google doc with passwords and account info will be sent out ASAP

-We’d love to have one-on-one meetings with each board member in the next couple weeks

-Not a huge deal, can be a brief sit down after board meetings, etc.

-Establishing Board Hours and Meeting Time!

-MDs on Monday

-Signup sheet will go out

-Xandra on Friday

-Cormac/Will: Tuesday

-Luke: Wednesday


-Jake: Monday

-We all need board keys! (except for beth)

-Idea:  ”What’s New at WESU” zines — take 15 mins at the end of a board meeting to consolidate a list of 5 or so bullet points to put out around campus



Open House

-Posters needed! Can be very simple (bubble letters)




-Livestream (Jake) + social media presence


Music Directors’ Blog

-Post-MASH: List of 3-5 bands to look out for this semester?

-Figure out ways to open blog to other staff members who might want to create content


Activities Fair

-Friday the 15th, 2-5pm

-Signup sheet will go out


Staff Meeting

-This Sunday! 6pm in PAC 001

-Very lowkey, just starting things up

-Board members should also introduce which show they DJ!

-Moving Forward: Meg’s idea to highlight a different DJ’s show each meeting



-Need DJs to come out for the interest meeting

-Ben has ideas for how to revamp training — should sit down with him soon