Board Notes 9/8/15

Board Hours 

Tess will send out a contact info document, collecting official board hours + cell phone numbers from the board.



— Some student DJs are complaining about their late-night timeslots and are asking to pre-record: for the most part, they will have to deal. It is a WESU rite of passage (regardless of whether they are freshman or seniors). If they so choose, they can shorten their 2:30 – 4 am show to a 2:30 – 3:30 am show. All of those shows this semester must be live, with an exception or two being made for a midterm the next day or something of the sort (we will not be unreasonable with this, but this excuse can only be used once or twice, really).


Program Guide

*Deadline for the Program Guide Getting Out There: September 22nd*


Events Planning

Record Fair: Arianna will make poster for the Record Fair and talk to Ben M. about getting things rolling on that front, in terms of organizing, service hours, PR, etc. Lara will make a promo for this event ASAP.

Waxahatchee Concert: Nick is bringing Waxahatchee to campus on September 25th and would like WESU to sponsor the event. Of the 500 tickets, 400 of them will go to Wesleyan students and will be free (and “sold” through the box office). 100 of the tickets will be open for purchase by the community. These tickets will be sold for $15, and WESU will receive $5 of each ticket, therefore having the opportunity to earn $500 from this event. WESU is expected to put no money into this event. However, the station is expected to help sell the community tickets, put their name on the event (sponsorship) and help promote it (both on air and off).

Some notes on this project:

Nick and Ben M. will chat this week and confirm the legality of this arrangement.

— Pending approval of the event from Ben M., Lara and Tess will produce a Waxahatchee promo Thursday afternoon.

Nick might reach out to Rick/RedScroll/Manic Productions about selling some of the community tickets.



— The students on the board will go on a retreat next weekend to discuss plans for the station this year. Topics on the agenda: training, fundraising, studio updates, long-term programming goals, revising board roles/descriptions if necessary, updating our constitution, reviewing NPR/syndicated content, etc.

— There will also be a meeting with Ben M. immediately following (or if not, soon after) the retreat, in order to review suggestions and brainstorm further / talk about the feasibility of our plans and ideas.

Tess will sound out a Doodle to figure out the date/time of our board retreat asap.