Board Notes 10/17




-Slavei confirmed for fundraiser — earlier in the bill?

-SBC budget request submitted for meeting on Oct. 30th

-Something I learned from doing this: Join our Orgsync!! (



-Box Office ticket sales almost set up, should be up by end of the week

-WESU Zine in the making

-new MD Blog is up

-let’s talk about board retreat

-bandcamp article

-t-shirt design should be done after fall break



-started planning for fundraiser and phone drive

-booking Dec 2nd show at Earth House, potentially under WESU name



-started work on Public Affairs standards



-Box Office Ticket Sales should be up by Monday at the latest

-start work on putting ticket sale link on website ASAP

– ask about vegetarian option on ticket



-working on snapchat filter for the station



-Week 3 of training completed!

-No new trainees

-Make sure to email staff at start of training in coming seasons



-Anyone who need to catch up can come to Jack’s board hours for make-ups

-Still working on fundraiser/food



-interns always help during Luke’s board hours to make promos for pledge drive etc!

-working on pledge drive phone banking schedule to figure out which shows are most effective for phone banking



-first blog!



– publish hours on blog for promoter contact



-Fall Break Show coverage in the works

Board Notes 10/10

Board Notes 10/10


Record Fair a success!

-$1500 in merch/record sales

-Thank you Dillon and Jake!


Transmitter Down

-New parts ordered, should be here by the end of the week



-Time to start pulling it together

-Save the date press release/promos

-No alcohol!


-Solidifying acts for the fundraiser


-Let us know if you have any personal items to include

-Trying to book Joy Again for a WESU-sponsored concert!



-Updating the public file

-Ask for any tasks!


-Connecting spinitron accounts with shows in the schedule

-Free to make a snapchat filter!


-Two new albums on the MD blog

-Need to figure out the login info


-Week two of training is over!

-No new people at this point

-Massive amount of trainees on Sundays

-Encouraging people to come in for service hours

-Diversity of tasks? We definitely need to brainstorm some new ideas

-Service hour(s) for attending the fundraiser? Is this okay?


-CFA events: Is there a way to churn out consistent promos on a weekly basis? If so, we might be able to leverage this towards getting on the bill more frequently


-Ready to make consistent promos for shows on campus

-Possible to stream the Fundraiser on the station?

-Potential issues: -Dead air

-Reggae shows with heavy fanbases are on at this time

-Perhaps an Instagram stream?!?

-Pledge drive promos are in the works in batches

-Sending out a request for popular hosts to open their phones for donations during the drive


-Fall Break Coverage

-Email going out this week

-Assuming that students will not be able/willing to host


-Amazing job on the record fair (our words not his, humble man that he is)

-Record (ha) amount of money made


-Also amazing job!!!!!!

-Money came through for Queen of Jeans show in December

-WESU presence at these shows — banner, merch table, name in facebook event, door shifts?

-Need to check with concert committee re:t these guidelines


Pledge Drive is approaching

-New tshirt/bumper sticker design in the works

-Board promo contest!

Board Notes 10/3/17

Board Notes 10/3


  • Boxoffice
  • Reached out to a band about a possible WESU concert
  • Potential acts for the fundraiser
  • New shirt design in the making!
  • WESU 2017 Google Folder has all the necessary board documents
    • Event Ideas — brainstorming space for event ideas, bands to bring, etc.
  • Look at the board notes during the week for projects and to ensure forward motion!
  • What’s New @ WESU Zine! Take the last few mins at each board meeting



  • Spinitron schedule was not showing up on website — now shows up on the specific page but not on the “listen” sidebar



  • Possible program with Center for Prison Education?
    • Something to think about if not immediately plausible — ways to serve the incarcerated community



  • Figured out how to chart Spins



  • Now posting board minutes on the website




  • New shows are great!
  • Sharing shows at the meeting was great — good ways to encourage people/suggestions for contributors?
  • People might be encouraged by more people contributing/more emails
  • Come up with a general template for people to consider when sharing — 4-5 questions




  • Post-it note now on computer detailing how to find the newer promos/PSAs


    • There is a specific Fall 2017 promo folder
    • More PSAs
    • Fundraiser promos can’t be made until we have a little more info — aim for Friday?



  • Where are we sharing the email from (email)
    • People are welcome to print their own but we don’t have the printing capacity to do it ourselves



  • Facebook countdown for record fair has been live for a few days
  • Posting in WesAdmits Facebook pages
    • Ad in the Argus this week
    • Aural Wes responded to a request for a post, Wesleying still in the works
      • What’s In My Bag? (Aural Wes Record Fair feature)
    • REach out to Middletown Eye/Press for Ads
  • Met with concert committee — seeming hopeful for a WESU Queen of Jeans show



  • MD Blog — top album picks of the week
    • Need the login information
    • 3 New trainees expressed interest



  • Thanks to everyone who helped with Record Fair
  • Posters all over campus up by noon tomorrow
    • Aiming for Main St. as well
  • Reaching out to trainees to gauge interest for jobs
    • 10+ people for setup and breakdown
    • Full DJ lineup
    • 2 people needed at merch table throughout the day
  • Need a post with the DJ schedule
  • Need to talk to the box office about the Fundraiser
    • Max number of tickets we want to sell?
    • Door sales?
    • Reserve tickets?
    • Tiered pricing for students/faculty/community members?



  • Week 1 of training is in the books!
  • Ways to make training less monotonous?
    • Station walkthrough with Luke?
  • Sent out a list of hosts willing to take interns/board hours list for service hours

Ben M.

  • Board emails: we should ideally all be using/distributing emails
    • Try and figure a game plan for returning to this as opposed to having some @gmail and some @wesu
  • Merch!
    • New color/shirt combos for fall pledge drive in place of having to scramble for new designs — would have to be within a week or two if the latter as to not sit on sending out program guides
  • Pledge Drive: No hard dates yet but sooner rather than later
    • Target most-listened to shows for donation phone banks
    • November is fundraising month!
    • Aiming for $20,000
  • Transmitter
    • Still on 1500 watts — a few problems remain
    • Also a problem with the audio processor



  • Solidify a Name
    • Working name: Dinner and a Show
      • “WESU Everything Show”
  • Figure out pricing
    • La Boca event was $25, students at $10
      • Box office takes $1.05 off every paper ticket sold
    • Room capacity is 205 people
    • Marketing to donor list/people who came to last year’s event
  • Host/MC
  • Acts
    • 7 so far, with feelers out to quite a few people
    • Nonmusical acts?
    • Hoping to finalize by Friday, doesn’t mean we can’t add more but good for promotion/putting together a bill

Staff Meeting 10/1/17

Staff Meeting 10/1


  • Record fair this sunday
    • 10-4
    • Looking for volunteers
    • Breakdown: 4-5pm
    • Setup: 9-10am
    • Drivers needed
    • Promos!!!! Make them and play them


  • Label ideas welcome


  • Program guide printed!


  • Streamrewind/Spinitron accounts


  • Blurbs on the WESU facebook page for individual shows


  • Fundraiser promo ideas needed
  • General show promos too!


  • Loooking for music label help


  • Friday board hours

Ben M.

  • “Un-props to the transmitter for breaking”
    • Working off a small transmitter on loan
    • Definitely affecting our range
    • Hopefully fixed by the end of the week
  • Record Fair
    • Important biennial event — brings a dozen vendors from the tri-state area
  • Fundraiser
    • November 18th, “Dinner and a show”
    • Nail down the menu this week
    • Few acts secured already
    • Need people to work the door if we want to avoid the willcall fee from the usdan box office

Board Notes 9/26/17

Board Notes 9/26


  • Sexual Harassment policy is set
  • Fundraiser
    • focus on community members
    • Caliber of Acts — we don’t want more than 3 or so
    • We gotta talk to Ben
  • Training
    • Look at the sheet and see what times you might be able to help!


  • Tech: the streamrewind calendar needs to be updated — Getting a couple complaints/there are empty spots right now



  • Training starts Thursday!
  • Emailed DJs asking to host
  • No Amanda Palmer :/




  • 🙂




  • Guidelines/Policy for Public Affairs shows
    • Thorny “free speech” argument
    • Way to structure what we’re looking for in this particular arena
    • Make a google doc for people to throw ideas in — make something formal after the record fair/fundraiser



  • Board hours change




  • 🙂




  • Queen of Jeans: Female led rock band
    • Asking for 1-2thousand but less if we can’t afford it
    • Do we want in on this? YES!



  • Record fair
    • Coming up in a week and a half!!!!
    • All DJs lined up to spin during the event
    • have a good number of volunteers for set up / break down, sent out another email to try to get more
    • Flyers finished, time to start putting them up around campus / main street!!
    • Still need promos for the event – either board or staff members
    • more posts on facebook leading up to event, do we have ads lined up for argus / campus media outlets? If not, we should try to get some
  • Fundraiser
    • What exactly is the name of this event?? Starting time = 5pm?
    • Confirm things I brought up in email I sent for ticket pricing
      • 6pm start time
      • Ticket pricing
        • $25 community, $10 student
      • Max # tickets we want to sell
        • 100 student, 100 community (can adjust numbers flexibly)
      • # of reserved tickets for board / staff members, special guests, etc (?)
      • Door sales?
      • Need volunteers to take tickets at the door
      • NEED a smartkey for ticket income -> no idea what this is, hellllllllp
    • 10-12 acts




  • Fixing streamrewind calendar
  • Going to send email out to wesu_staff requesting them to sign up for spinitron, streamrewind




  • Show Promos
    • Going to send out some encouraging emails
  • Record Fair Promos
    • Made a few!
    • Sending out an email to encourage people to make their own/get the word out
  • Promo as service hour
  • Clearing old promos
    • Make a folder with specific ones to use

Board Notes 9/19/17

Board Notes 9/19


  • Student Groups Fair: This friday, 2-5 outside Usdan! Things to bring:
    • Speakers for livestream
    • Signup sheet
    • Merch?
    • Zine?
  • Followup interest meeting SET for 7-8pm the following Monday (the 25th) in PAC 001
  • Wild Wild Live band suggestions wanted/welcome!
  • Do we need to send out an email about recording levels? Have noticed last 2 shows there were a few gaps


  • Updated public affairs catalog from the summer
  • Middletown Youth Radio


  • Going through music catalogue
  • CD player in board room broken


  • Revising training manual (including sexual harrassment policy)
  • Dates for training (Jack helping out on Thursdays)


  • Made a couple of PSAs
  • Pushed promos into one folder called “Fall 2017 Promo”
  • PSA CDs (burn some PSAs onto them)
  • Send out email to encourage 100% show promos
  • Promos for Record Fair and Fundraiser


  • Sent out individual emails to people who didn’t fill out sexual harassment policy; 3 people still haven’t responded


  • Accidentally booked Lawntalk on Sat Nov 18 for Earth House – will attempt to change
  • Lawntalk most likely will not play at fundraising event


  • Ready to go with food
  • Need access to the box office for fundraiser


  • Fall Record Fair
    • 10am-4pm (first hour is early bird)
    • Sent out first email to staff about volunteering for set up / break down
      • personnel -> once training starts, plugging record fair volunteering for service hours would be super helpful
    • Half of DJs lined up for the event
    • Flyers almost done – 1 ready to go, 2 being photoshopped
      • Need distribution via wesu website, facebook page
    • Promos for the event
      • Board and general staff if they want to make some?
        • Possibly another plug during training?
    • Need ad in Argus, Wesleying, AuralWes
    • Need facebook events page
    • Need transportation (Jake and Beth have minivans)
  • Fundraising Event
    • Need to decide on what type of show we’re doing
      • can’t solidify entertainment until then
    • Selling tickets in the Usdan box office and online for students / community
      • Price -> $5-$10 students? $20 community members
    • Ben and I made a long list of potential acts (community and student), other ideas definitely welcome!
    • PR: Need facebook event – put it out 1 month before; Need posters around Middletown and Wesleyan; Luke can make promos
    • Buttonwood Tree -> they have list of people playing gigs
    • Hand out awards (e.g. most loyal member of station)
    • Entertainment Acts
      • Joy Again: small, young indie band (beth talked to them after a show and they said they’d love to come)
      • Lawn Talk: ex. Pres of WESUs  (ethan hill) current band in philly. All wes alums. Saw them this summer and were so fun. They are touring in november and want to stop here.
      • Noah Bearman (?)
      • Ronnie Arbough (?)
      • Amanda Palmer – Will has friend in her class
      • Music department members
      • Pres. Roth (piano)???
      • Use community / donor network
        • Buttonwood tree, look at their schedule for comedy troupes
        • Charlie Neville
        • Other reggae acts -> sing with a DJ?
      • Student
        • Classical pianist staff member (student)
        • Reggae singer -> JDC band  (friend of dj derrick morris)
      • Student groups
        • A capella groups
        • Improv / stand up crews
      • Student bands -> acoustic or small / quick setup
        • Marching band?
      • Henry Hall
      • Hip hop acts??? (on campus, in community?)
      • Turn table performance -> burk ziggler (on staff) and erune ranganathan
      • Reach out to rob from homegrown
        • Belle of the Fall (americana duo)
        • The Balkan brothers
      • Art farm, circophany (theater group?)
        • Pr advantage for them
      • Dar williams -> multi-grammy winning folk singer
      • MASH acts – look at lists
      • Reach out to Bill Revil -> folk
        • Does tons of ticket give aways and interviews with artists
          • We do tons of promotions for them
        • Pick brain for ideas
          • Sputin divel (?)
      • Connecticut oldies club -> reach out???
      • Wax museum with jim santabarbara -> has big oldies people on for interviews
        • Can directly contact with artists
        • Looking for people to come out for 1-2 songs as a donation to WESU
        • Fred Paris??? For one song??
      • Pastor monts -> gospel choir director at Wes
        • If he could put on a small ensemble together….


  • Sent out emails regarding publicizing shows


  • Fixing streamrewind schedule, Spinitron schedule, website


  • Sexual Harassment policy
    • Grey area in policy is questionable – should be “WESU has a zero tolerance policy of sexual harassment”
    • Suspension of person accused pending investigation
    • “At minimum, the violation will be recorded and filed by the Personnel Director” could be changed to “The accusation, regardless of outcome, will be…”
    • Show up 30 min before next board meeting (Sept. 26) to help rewrite policy


Board Notes 9/12/17

Board Notes 9/12


  • Gabby help 5:30-6 sat. → Luke
  • Sexual Harassment policy
    • Zero Tolerance amendment
    • How best to go about ensuring people sign the agreement?
  • Training!!
    • book PAC001 info session
    • lesson plan
    • who wants to be there
  • Fundraising event: #dinnerandashow?
    • November 18th
    • We need a name
    • 5-11pm
    • Cost/ticket
    • Getting the box office to sell tix
    • How to appeal to students if they have idea
      • Everyone poll at least 3 friends re: their hypothetical interest in an event like this!
      • A capella/comedy groups?
      • Food that isn’t Usdan
      • Different prices for students and community members
      • Honey & the Sting
      • Henry Hall
      • Homegrown CT bands
  • Record Fair: events
  • Booking a band?
  • Pledge Drive



  • Spinitron/Streamrewind



  • Activities Fair
    • Everyone wear WESU merch
    • More people around the table the merrier
    • WesAdmits 2021 post — Jake
  • Contacting head of SALD re: funding



  • – Sorry i am not here!!!
  • 1. Sexual harassment policy: Going off of what we were talking about on the group me I think it’s important to remember and remind everyone on the board that we have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment. 
  • 2. Lawn talk show (ex. President Ethan hill’s band). I saw them this summer and they were SO fun. They want to come play in November and I think it would be fun if it was wesu affiliated. We can maybe talk about next board meeting but its something fun to keep in mind!!!



  • Sending out staff wide email about social media promotions
  • queen of jeans? For a band
  • when do programs come out?
  • Fb on wesadmits for activity’s fair



  • Reach out to staff and encourage promos
    • Service hours
  • Psa ideas
    • Refreshing/reaching out to staff
    • Environemental disasters
  • Assisting djs with equipment/production ideas
  • Make a step-by-step sheet explaining how to make a promo



  • Schedule almost finalized
  • Who wants a Midnight-2am Saturday slot?
  • Program guide set to go out once that is decided — looks beautiful
  • Next semester–slots will not exclusively be given based on seniority
    • Help with listening to shows to give feedback/create basis for scheduling



  • Much music to be listened to
  • Revamping the MD blog
    • Album list
    • Facebook connectivity



  • Public File during board hours



  • Club Fair this weekend
  • Setting aside most reasonable training times for everyone

9/10/17: Staff Notes

9/10/ Full Staff Meeting



  • New season
  • BIG THANK YOU/shout out to MEG who put the program together — very cool new design to get excited about
  • Successful open house/the MASH
  • Training to start soon! after student activities fair this friday — be on the lookout
      • Table at the club fair this friday
      • Interest meeting — refer your potential DJ friends
  • Short board goals/ideas for the upcoming season:
    • Starting “What’s New @ WESU” flyer to be put around campus and online
        • Short/accessible — Transparent
    • Booking more events/speakers/bands — keeping momentum from last semester
        • Email Events Director
    • Revamping social media as a resource
        • Highlighting DJs to connect with community/staff itself
  • Highlighting shows on WESU during staff meetings and on social media
  • Show:
  • Board Hours: 4-6 on Thursday




  • Genrebusters every other Wednesday 11-12pm
  • Board Hours: 4-6 on Wednesday



  • Board Hours: 4-6 on Wednesday



  • Show: 4:30-5:30 Saturday (1,3,5)
  • Board Hours: Friday 4-6



  • Show: Game Theory, 11-12pm Sunday (2,4)
  • Board Hours: Tuesday 4-6pm



  • Board Hours monday 4-6
  • Show: Wednesday 12-1 — Who Sampled



  • Shows: Tuesday Nights 12-1
  • 4-6 Wednesday
  • Come introduce yourself!
  • Check your email to sign the sexual harassment form — necessary before starting your show



  • 4-6 Monday
  • Show: Dumpster Dive, 11-12 Tuesday nights


Xandra/Public Affairs

  • Board Hours: Friday 4-6
  • Show: Middletown Youth Radio Project,



  • Board Hours: Tuesday 4-6
  • Show: An A and a B, Friday night 1130-1230


Jack/Community Liaison

  • Show Monday 9:30 Cruiser’s Radio Program
  • Board Hours: 7-9pm Monday



  • New Door Code! Available for DJs ONLY — do not distribute outside the WESU community
    • Email any board members for the code
  • Live/Automated shows:
    • Automated shows should be highlighted on the schedule in the hall
    • Be aware if there is automation on either side of your show so that you do not cut off or delay anyone else’s program!
    • If the DJ after you has yet to arrive, bring up the Pot as a rule of thumb — good chance they have automated their show for this week
  • Parking:
    • University now owns both buildings that our parking lot belongs to
    • New parking security system — WESU placards needed to be in the lot
    • Night DJs — park in one of the 4 WESU-designated spots
  • Work study position available!
    • Administrative/housecleaning stuff — 5 hours/week
  • Last DJ at night: call Psafe before leaving (don’t have to wait around)
  • Cathy Leckowitz will be leaving
    • No interim director
    • No huge effect will be had on the station
  • Fundraising Events:
    • Record Fair: Oct. 8th
    • Jim Zandri has volunteered to cater a separate fundraising event
      • Beckham Hall in October
      • Details need to be worked out
      • Entertainment!
      • Jim/Jack: Volume of Attendance is key — working out a reasonable/profitable price
      • Email or to help plan the event
      • Ben’s Pitch: Variety performance night (comedy, music, etc) — Dinner + Show — this has worked in the past at the Buttonwood Tree
      • Get the basic information set so that DJs can promote the event on air

Board Notes 9/5/17

9/5 Preliminary/Planning Board Meeting



-Google doc with passwords and account info will be sent out ASAP

-We’d love to have one-on-one meetings with each board member in the next couple weeks

-Not a huge deal, can be a brief sit down after board meetings, etc.

-Establishing Board Hours and Meeting Time!

-MDs on Monday

-Signup sheet will go out

-Xandra on Friday

-Cormac/Will: Tuesday

-Luke: Wednesday


-Jake: Monday

-We all need board keys! (except for beth)

-Idea:  ”What’s New at WESU” zines — take 15 mins at the end of a board meeting to consolidate a list of 5 or so bullet points to put out around campus



Open House

-Posters needed! Can be very simple (bubble letters)




-Livestream (Jake) + social media presence


Music Directors’ Blog

-Post-MASH: List of 3-5 bands to look out for this semester?

-Figure out ways to open blog to other staff members who might want to create content


Activities Fair

-Friday the 15th, 2-5pm

-Signup sheet will go out


Staff Meeting

-This Sunday! 6pm in PAC 001

-Very lowkey, just starting things up

-Board members should also introduce which show they DJ!

-Moving Forward: Meg’s idea to highlight a different DJ’s show each meeting



-Need DJs to come out for the interest meeting

-Ben has ideas for how to revamp training — should sit down with him soon 

9/4/17: Pre-Board Meeting Notes

 Google doc has been created

 Tabling at the activities fair
 -Friday September 15th, 2-5pm
 -3 hour-long shifts unless people want to do more
 -At least 2 people at all times
 -MASH/Open House
 -Posters around campus (can be cool bubble letters)
 -Livestream (Jake’s deal)
 -Music Directors: Top 3 MASH bands - blog post?
 -Can be simple - bullets and pics
 -Read WESU Manual
 -Book a PAC room
 -Facebook event
 -Will has to read and teach the manual - we can work together on this
 -Fall program
 -Looking GREAT
 -Starts Monday
 -Need to find someone to design by the end of the week

 -Program (Meg):
 -Organize/put together seasonal programs
 -Tend to any midseason changes that need to be made
 -Keeping tabs on current shows - people to highlight for zines and staff meetings
 -Personnel (Will)
 -Compiling/keeping list of all staff members
 -Production (Luke)
 -Scheduling studio usage
 -Training staff on digital applications
 -Producing/encouraging staff to produce PSAs/Promos
 -Public Affairs (Xandra)
 -Oversight of Public affairs/in-house news programs
 -Public Relations (Jake)
 -ALL social media
 -Press releases (Beth can explain)
 -Update press release list/find more companies to work with
 -Programs in Restaurants in town/around campus!!!!!!
 -Flyers for events
 -Music promos (work with PR) -- bands playing gigs on campus
 -Events (Dillon)
 -Get people to design event posters
 -Coordinating WESU events -- booking bands/speakers
 -Tech Director (Cormac)
 -Streamrewind/Google Calendar