9/4/17: Pre-Board Meeting Notes

 Google doc has been created

 Tabling at the activities fair
 -Friday September 15th, 2-5pm
 -3 hour-long shifts unless people want to do more
 -At least 2 people at all times
 -MASH/Open House
 -Posters around campus (can be cool bubble letters)
 -Livestream (Jake’s deal)
 -Music Directors: Top 3 MASH bands - blog post?
 -Can be simple - bullets and pics
 -Read WESU Manual
 -Book a PAC room
 -Facebook event
 -Will has to read and teach the manual - we can work together on this
 -Fall program
 -Looking GREAT
 -Starts Monday
 -Need to find someone to design by the end of the week

 -Program (Meg):
 -Organize/put together seasonal programs
 -Tend to any midseason changes that need to be made
 -Keeping tabs on current shows - people to highlight for zines and staff meetings
 -Personnel (Will)
 -Compiling/keeping list of all staff members
 -Production (Luke)
 -Scheduling studio usage
 -Training staff on digital applications
 -Producing/encouraging staff to produce PSAs/Promos
 -Public Affairs (Xandra)
 -Oversight of Public affairs/in-house news programs
 -Public Relations (Jake)
 -ALL social media
 -Press releases (Beth can explain)
 -Update press release list/find more companies to work with
 -Programs in Restaurants in town/around campus!!!!!!
 -Flyers for events
 -Music promos (work with PR) -- bands playing gigs on campus
 -Events (Dillon)
 -Get people to design event posters
 -Coordinating WESU events -- booking bands/speakers
 -Tech Director (Cormac)
 -Streamrewind/Google Calendar

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