Remembering, Honoring, & Celebrating the life of Viso Ngozi Ãz-Ibo

This Sunday at 2pm at The Buttonwood Tree in Middletown, there will be a memorial service to Remember, Honor, and Celebrate the life of Viso Ngozi Ãz-Ibo, Poet, family man, and host of Classik Ãz which he broadcast late-night on Saturdays on WESU for nearly a decade.  You are invited to remember Viso Ngozi Ãz-Ibo and find meaning in his early exit from our lives. We will resurrect his voice through some of the most significant and powerful recordings he left behind from his WESU radio show and poetry performances. Calling all poets, especially those who knew Viso, please bring a poem or two to share. There will be opportunity for family, friends and acquaintances to share how much Viso meant to all of us and express ourselves in his honor through the spoken word he so dearly loved.  For those who are not able to physically join us, the gathering will be live streaming on Facebook! more at or

2 thoughts on “Remembering, Honoring, & Celebrating the life of Viso Ngozi Ãz-Ibo

  1. from Bolade Akintolayo at I found out today about his passing and therefore missed the tribute. PLEASE inform me if you do have an anniversay celebration. I will do everything in my power to attend. I am a poet. I worked with Viso on various projects and I was on his show a few times. I give my love and sympathy for his beautiful wife and precious daughters.

  2. When was viso was in the house, on the set I felt that the foundation, the brick and mortar and all the possible holes in the ship were sealed. Viso was the I got your back brother, I ‘m holding it down brother and the aura and energy he brought with him was love dignity and communality; his spirit and presence in essence is the dispersement of all negative forces.

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