September 2014 Staff Meeting Notes

DP: Hi and welcome back!-new board introduced-new staff members stand and say hi
-Reminder that all staff meetings are mandatory, occurring on 1st Sundays of the month in PAC 001, during academic year (not vacations) unless otherwise noted.-In order to have a meeting absence excused, please email meetings mean more service hours.-Anyone who misses more than 50% of meetings in a season (excused or not) jeopardizes their eligibility to host a show the next season.   Exceptions can be made with good reason.

EO, Program:
-Fall schedule should be set to go: Starts tomorrow 9/8 w the Bauer Hour (4PM). Thanks to the two people who offered to design a program guide; we will follow up and it should go to the printer ASAP.-Online schedule will be updated accordingly.

Music Directors:
Entering playlists into Spinitron is mandatory, per DMCA (act of Congress), and it helps keeps the display online for what is on air accurate. Also helps us report what we are playing to CMJ (College Music Journal) and get artists paid/recognized for their spins. Ultimately, this keeps new music coming to station. 
-New staff members need to create Spinitron accounts so they can document playlists as required.  MR (tech) will email instructions out after meeting. Once you have done this, email the program director to link your show to your account.  Playlists should be entered live during the show or beforehand. Entering the playlists after the show does not comply with the DMCA act of congress.
-Existing sub-MDs should reach out to connect with staff members. We will also need some new sub-MDs. Stay tuned for that info.
-Ask that existing sub-MDs reach out to connect. Will also need some new Sub MDs. Stay tuned for that info.You can set up your Spinitron account from anywhere.

MR, Tech:
-StreamRewind allows internet listeners to listen to any WESU program up to 2 weeks after the original broadcast.  Also allows DJs to download their own shows. Will send and email with instructions for StreamRewind and Spinitron.
-There is also an MP3 recorder in the air studio as another way to record your show. It records to USB or SD memory cards. NOTE: Keep the levels low. See printed instructions on it to adjust levels if they are set to auto.

Abby, Production: 
-Make a promo for your show! Coordinate with Production Director as needed. If your show promo is over ten years old, it might be time to think of making a fresh one.

BG, Personnel: 
-Contact info:  Make sure we have your current email info/phone number.
-Looking for folks to be involved with training – get in touch!

TA, Public Relations: 
-Facebook forced us to change our “person” into an institution “page.” Now, we have 2 institution “pages” – will be consolidating soon. 
-Always looking for help to develop use of FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
-Send in things of interest to the radio community that we can incorporate into our social media.

DW, Events:
October Record Fair: Saturday, Oct. 25. Will need lots of help.  
-Speaker event, concert, and danceathon are in the works as well as culminating events for our 75th.

JW: John coordinates ticket giveaways with area venues. Generally two pairs plus tix for the DJ.
Check out – John will keep it updated on a daily basis. Let him know what show you’re interested in, and actually follow through if you say you’re going to give away tickets. He will send a follow-up email about this.

Other Notes from Ben M.:
-75th anniversary events: regrouping after we lost money on the Doowop Concert. That was supposed to generate money to put back into other concerts to raise money.  Not enough time or help to promote properly.  The concert itself was fantastic, and many thanks the handful of people who helped promote and facilitate the event. Particularly: Moondog Crew, Larry, Mike, and Big Al, as well as our MC Jim Santa Barbara who was just an all around help getting the show off the ground.  Our volunteers of the night were Helen Evrard, David Whitney, and Chip Austen, Thanks also to the handful of WESU DJs who came out to the show, Psychedelic Rick Shafrick, Jim and Rosemary Mascia and Leith and Maria Johnson, all four of whom also put a lot of work into helping promote the event. Stacey Zackin as well.-75th anniversary display in Olin Library, soon to come.
-Capital Campaign: Backup power gaining traction – university support, FEMA grant
-EMS-Studios / equipment:  Leave them better than you found them, please.  At least once per week we lose a headphone adapter. About once a month we lose/break headphones or an input cable.
-Studio A: all green lights should be ON when you leave, and the one on the right should be set to PROGRAM.
-Signups and etiquette: beware of live schedule in studios. Stiudios beware of production needs in other studios. We all need to work together.
-We might try to get a fancy computer display that’s connected to a calendar of studio schedules. But for now, we’re staying old-school with the bulletin board outside Studio A.-Studio B lock died this weekend, Ben M. broke in (through ceiling) and temporarily fixed it.  Stay tuned. (Maybe we should take this opportunity to change our door code? Staff does not seem enthused about this prospect.)-WSHU pledge drive starts 9/10 goes through 9/20. Just a heads up. If anyone asks, these pledge drives help pay for our NPR programming and put money in our accounts as well.

Any questions/announcements from staff?
-Ken: concerts at Dry Dock in Wallingford. WESU helps sponsor these events, it’s always good to show our support.
-Weak signal up north? Channel 3 levels low? – it’s hard to reach those areas unless we’re at full power.

Next meeting is on October 4th at 6PM in PAC 001 (maybe indoors this time).