Staff Meeting 11/5 Notes




  • Attendance at staff meetings
  • Fun updates: training is done! Let interns be on your show, applying for snapchat geotags, first zine: what’s new @ WESU, music directors blog, on campus concert sponsored by WESU, free form fest
  • Edge of fall fundraiser: t-shirt design is coming, phone drive being considered, start thinking about potential fundraising ideas
    • Important event for fall pledge drive: WESU FREE FORM FEAST + FESTIVAL: come! Buy tickets online! Tell your friends! Advertise! Especially on your show! — its our first fundraising event of the like and we want it to be a successful event


  • Fixing technical issues w/ website
  • Snapchat geotag in the works
  • Remember to use Spinitron
  • WESU iOS app in nascent stage


  • Budget has been submitted!
    • If you have any urgent, last minute requests let me know
  • Board notes regularly posted on the website



  • Been listening to public affairs shows



  • Play fundraiser promos during your shows
  • Start thinking about and making pledge drive promos
  • Pay attention to studio google calendar
  • Volunteering show and time to sit at phones for pledge drive



  • Fundraiser posters– would love for people to take some from the station and hang them up wherever they feel fit
  • Look out for pr about the pledge drive
  • On-campus concert 12/2/17 Earth House



  • Record fair recap
    • $1498 raised–record amount! Thanks to everyone who made it so smooth and successful
  • Fundraiser coming up – volunteers needed, keep promoting
    • November 18th!
    • Manning the doors/merch table, scanning tickets
    • Email coming out soon with more details
    • Great way to knock out 4 service hour requirement for the season
    • Keep promoting it on air and with promos
    • Tickets online now



-training is over! Scheduling practical written tests for early december

– If you’re hosting an intern, please go through the elements of the practical exam with them so that they can properly prepare

– we’re gonna be doing attendance monthly at staff meetings now! Stay alert!

– gonna send out electronic form where you can fill out service hours, thanks jack for bringing that up



-Ensuring people know how to input their service hours — reiteration necessary

-Subbing for shows — send out an email once you receive coverage so that multiple people do not mistakenly show up!

-Mandatory to respond to any coverage email you send with the notice that you have managed to find coverage



-Music Director’s blog is back up and running! Available on the website

-Will be updated every Monday

-Make sure to play 5 new songs per hour of your show

-There is a shelf in Studio A of curated new releases!



-Service Hours: 4-6 on mondays

-Help always needed listening to new music



Hey staff!


Sorry I couldn’t make the meeting! Thanks for covering shows over Fall Break–I will be sending an email about Thanksgiving Break pretty soon. Students should know that it is assumed they will not be on campus over Thanksgiving break, and I will begin finding coverage for them through a staff-wide email. If you are a student who will be on campus over Thanksgiving, send me an email so I don’t give away your slot.


It’s never too early to think about spring programming, so I am busy working on a new and improved application and a way to integrate a large number of new DJs into our schedule. As always, I’m open to suggestions for better ways to run the application process and creative ideas about scheduling. What do you find annoying or tedious? Where could communication be better? There’s always room for improvement. Email me @! I’m in the board room from 4-6 on Wednesdays.




-Thank you Jim!

-Keep playing/making new promos

-Scripts available if we want to switch up voices/background music

-Working on a sampler CD/bio page for the acts involved

-New glossy posters coming this week (limited amount)

-Pledge Drive

-Letter hopefully going out this week — going to 500-600 people who have donated in the past

-Fundraiser still the focus but as soon as it’s over and we can assess money raised, we will roll into “easygoing” pledge drive until December

-New Transmitter!

-Going to a few different campus sources to find funding