Staff Meeting 2/1/15

**Thanks to BG for taking notes at this meeting!**
Ben M:
– Please sign the attendance sheet
– Hope everyone had a great break, thanks to volunteers for ensuring that we have enough live programming – welcome back and Happy New Year!
– Welcome to new staff members! There are 4 of them, woot! (Leana, Al, Eric, and Emmett)
– We exceeded our pledge drive goal. Got an incredible donation at the tail-end of 2014 from an alumni (our engineer in the ‘70s), $8810 donation to WESU there – We made about $30,000 for our pledge drive, best pledge drive yet
– Putting together a report for our next pledge drive that will start in April to help us be more successful down the road
– We can probably get our new mixing board now
– Danielle is at a film class so she is absent today
– Don’t come to the station if your safety is at risk! But if you are in the area and can do your show, please do your best to come in. If you can’t, follow the standard protocol for missing a show
– Importance of having an evergreen show – prerecord some shows that don’t have anything time-specific in them
– Spring season officially starts tomorrow!
– The program schedule is finished. Any questions, ask
– Program guide is done and going to the printer soon. Thanks to Radio Obscura folks!
– Weather is bad tomorrow. If anyone will need coverage then, please talk to Ethan after the meeting
– Reminder about how to find coverage: first, send an email to Ben M or Ethan, check with the DJ before or after you, ask other members of the staff, then finally you can ask an all-staff email, if someone responds to you, send out another all-staff email saying that you found someone, then let Ethan or Ben M know about that; you do get penalized for missing a show
– Evergreen shows, talk to her! It’s a good way to get service hours too
– You can piece together an old show and take together any time specific parts of the recording
– Trying to start a podcasting or radio magazine or creative radio storytelling group. She’s sending an email out to the staff, trying to find interest in that or what exactly they want to do with podcasts. Interest meeting for that!
– Guide in the Studio C computer for how to use Audition and everything; on the google group
– Also reserve time in the studios!
– Public Affairs DJs can email her the day before about what the show is about, it will be posted to the facebook group to give public affairs shows more of a voice and presence
– Quick note: only one live student public affair show this semester, so please do more!
– Record fair on March 28th
– Hartford Advocate Readers Poll is open! Vote online! Email was sent out a few days ago
Ben G:
– Get service hours in early; there is really something for everyone, big list on Ben M’s door
– Training is starting up in about 3 or 4 weeks, email people who are interested in that
– Sign the attendance sheet
More talk on evergreen programming:
– It can be a compilation of your programming – the station has thousands hours of recorded programming that you can use and editing
– A great way to get better at Adobe Audition
Questions? Announcements?
– Copies of PSAs? We do not have an active binder in the studio but we can dig those up. Talk to Abby about doing that.
– Sandbox is on the Hartford Readers Poll as well!
Music Director Election:
– EH is the only one running
– DW will say a few words: EH did a great job as Music Director last year
– VT is making a show with EH called “DW’s Favorite Songs”
– He was elected unanimously
Next meeting on Sunday, March 1st at 6pm!
Record shortest meeting!