Staff Meeting Notes 10/4/15

Welcome – staff photo thanks to all, esp Dave Bauer


Waxahatchee!  Was a great success. Sold out. Props to Nick Selden and SALD for making it happen. Thanks to all who participated.

Record Fair – happening 10/18, still need a few volunteers for breakdown and for flyering, also for the 3-4 pm DJ slot, let her know if you’re interested!

Program: print guides should be ready by end of the week.

Production: Time to start making show and pledge drive promos!


Training – let Ethan O. know if you can help out with training in exchange for a service hour! He especially needs people for 2-3:15 pm on four Sundays. Also — he’ll be sending around a document soon, in which you’ll be able to let him know if you’d be willing to host interns on your show this semester!

Pledge drive starting and ending earlier this year! Starting at the beginning of November – probably Monday Nov 2nd.  Hope to have more student participation and target families and alumni with homecoming and thanksgiving.  More details to come. Will go over everything at Nov 7th meeting.

Upgrades – Sorry for the slow pace on this. Ben M has been swamped. Rolling out the rest will depend on a few variables, including our SBC funding request and the results of a $75K grant I applied for to install backup power and sound insulation for studios A and B.  Next up, replace several studio B computers, the scheduling system in hall/ Waiting to find out about grant and funding for carpet before mapping out the rest of the studio upgrades. If you are tech savvy and want to help for service hours, let Simon and Ben know.  

Studio cooperation – with thin walls and over 150 staff members working it out inside WESU, people are bound to step on each other’s toes. Most important Rule – BE NICE – introduce yourself to others working inside the station. Unless you deliberately seek ways to stay work cooperatively, given the shortcomings of our studios, you can easily interfere with live and studio prerecording sessions.  Even just talking in the hall can be a problem.

Hopefully that grant comes through!  Will help us maximize our potential here. Also hoping to make a studio.

Reminder that Rick S is out on vacation through October 9th, Automation needs etc should be directed to Ben M in the meantime

Ben M Radio Pet Peeves – Pop Quiz!!

Is smoking allowed anywhere in the station?  Then why do I find ashes in the stairwell?

What is the correct way first step to seek coverage? Hint – it’s not sending an all staff email correct answer – check with the DJ’s before and after you, if no luck send an all staff email. If no luck, you are still responsible – reach out to Program Director (NOT GM)

Cussing on airwho can do it? And what qualifies for safe harbor? Hint not the DJ. What qualifies recorded content that contains cuss words? Must have artistic, literary, or scientific value.  Ie: not casual F-Bombs

Power Strip on window sill in studio A needs to stay on (Security Monitor) – someone turns it off? Why?

Personnel –  guest policy – send an email to only 2 guest per staff person. Why? So there aren’t people wandering around the station unsupervised.

Automation: don’t go over! If you do, you are cutting off the beginning of someone else’s show.

How many people know how to set the crossover fades in Foobar so that songs overlap? That’s great, no please set it back to something reasonable when done! Most people don’t know how to do that. And we end up running announcements that start before the previous one is finished!