Staff Meeting Notes 11/1/15

— Lee Berman made an awesome tshirt design: mocked up orange on black.

— Thanks to David Bauer for the Staff Photo shoot! Thanks also to those who made it out.

— Record fair, Success. It’s a big event that task a lot of work from a lot of people. There’s literally a lot of heavy lifting.  Thanks to Arianna, the board and everyone else who contributed to the success.

— CMJ report, – Our trusty MDs give a brief report on the experience of the conference.

— Program guides: are in and look great.  But are mostly gone already, We printed 1,200 and have somehow gone through 700, leaving us with just barely enough for our upcoming mailing. Please don’t take large quantities of them at a time. We will think about printing more next semester. Please only distribute strategically.

— Program: Due to an unexpected personnel change, there is now free air time after 11:30 pm Saturdays. Anyone interested in filling this slot should email Hannah for expressing their interest.

— Station Upgrades: We should know the result of the grant we applied for in 3-4 weeks. IF we get the funding for studio sound insulation and backup power this will affect our upgrade plans/schedule. We are also working with the university to replace the carpeting. They have come out for an inspection and agree the carpet needs to be replaced. They are trying to line up funding. Of course this also impacts our upgrade schedule.

— public affairs: don’t forget to read the disclaimer before espousing a personal opinion or airing the type of content that should only be aired after 10 pm!

— personnel: be sure to let ethan O. know if you would be willing to have interns on your show!

— Pledge drive: (keeping w tradition) Monday 11/2, during The Bauer Hour. We expect to go for entire month of November, starting one month earlier than usual. We hope to make the best of opportunities this month including homecoming, when family and alumni are around as well as thanksgiving break when folks are with their family and friends and hopefully reflecting on things we are all thankful for, like WESU. Please consider putting your creativity to work by producing a promo. I will also be making some new promos. There will also be a pledge binder in the studio with sample scripts, pledge drive information and station facts that can be used in pitches. We will update the tally on our website, Facebook page, and dry erase board in the studio. Our program guide and appeal will go out this week to 500 of our most recent past donors. We will follow that up at the end of the month with a postcard of our staff picture with an appeal from Ethan Hill, President of the Board.

— We have a new T-Shirt designed by Lee Berman (who has moved to NYC) $35

We will also offer our black and white hoodies and the black and red “classic” long sleeves for $45.

— Let’s consider a WESU tye-dye event for the spring! and all tye-dye shirts and other items together!