Staff Meeting Notes 12/6/15

Ben M regrets: temporarily disabled with cast and crutches for 6-8 weeks. Hasn’t yet quite figured out how this will affect work other than it will be a challenge to get back and forth. Anticipating lots of work from home.

— Reminder – no January Meeting. Next meeting will be Feb 3, Super bowl Sunday. That meeting will be at 2pm in PAC 001

— Parking:  In the last few months parking has become an issue. Some days the lot is full with no spots for staff who work in the building. Ben M met with Public Safety and building managers. We will get 4  WESU parking spots in the near future. We will also come up with a WESU sticker to identify vehicles that can park in the spots… not sure exactly how quick this will happen. Ben M implored them to be quick as it is a real problem for some staff.

— Grant: unfortunately, we were not awarded the $75K grant that Ben M applied for. The money went to hospitals and other very real needs in the state. Upside: we have the language ad work estimates ready for the next opportunity and we can move forward on studio upgrades with less to coordinate. Speaking of Studio upgrades:  We will get ball rolling; hope to get much done over winter break.

 — Pledge update: Making progress but still need over $7,000 and it’s slowing down. We need to find a way to get all staff on board. Not fair to depend on the ones who “get it” and make the effort. We have WESU holiday cards that folks can send out to help inspire another round of giving in addition to / instead of packets.  We sent out 500 cards to the same people we sent pledge forms to. We have more available and will mail them for you if you provide us with an address. Or, we can provide the card and envelope for you to mail out…

— Program: update/reminder of coverage policy/ies

— Winter Break Programming: Hanna will send post the slots on the board shortly.

— Spring Program application process:  applications will be sent out mid-december.

— WESU – T – Shirt tabling (will you need help?)  T-shirts are available to staff for $10 and will be sold at usdan for $20 to campus community next Thursday and Friday, from 11 am – 1 pm.

— Music Directors: Have money to spend. If you have requests, let them know.

— Public affairs disclaimer policy/mission statement: updates were approved (minor).

— Production: With pledge drive continuing..  we’ll need to Migrate into holiday pledge drive announcements. Would be great to get some new ones..

— Reminder – no January Meeting. Next meeting will be Feb 3, Super bowl Sunday. That meeting will be at 2pm in PAC 001

— a few things that the board was asked to look into, going into next semester: 1. how to block callers on the studio telephone (re: harrassment, etc.), 2. if there is a way to stream over a telephone line so that those outside of the broadcast range and without access to internet/computers can listen in