Staff Meeting Notes 9/13/15


— A quick note from Ben M about station upgrades, read by Ethan (Ben M is out of state for a wedding): Welcome back students and thanks to the staff who held it down over summer. We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works. We got the new mixing board and are working on a plan to turn studio B better suited for live performance and group discussion. We have already added a few things including new mic baskets to drown out air-conditioning and some new chairs. Soon to come is the electronic studio reservation system studio B production PC replacement. We are also trying to line up the installation of the new carpet before the major studio overhaul. Ben M is also working on a grant to get backup power and soundproofing for our studios. He will keep everyone posted on the progress of these projects.

— The 2015-2016 board members introduce themselves!

— Program: Thanks to Hannah for pulling the program together. Any questions have hopefully been worked out already.  Lingering concerns should be directed to Hannah directly at

— Tech: Simon is currently recruiting staff interested in tech/coding for the website, contact him at if you are interested in getting a service hour on this project. Also, everyone needs to create a spinitron account as well as a stream rewind log-in (this program keeps 2 weeks of all programming for listeners to stream). If WESU staff sign up for an account, this will enable them to download their own shows (within 2 weeks of its airing). Simon will send out an instructional email for setting up these accounts, by the end of this week. Please contact him with any questions or concerns.

— Events: The Fall Record Fair will be happening on Sunday 10/18. Vendor space is pretty much sold out. We will need volunteer DJs to spin Vinyl during the event – usually 45 min to 1 hr shifts. We will also need volunteers in advance to help sort through records for sale, and a bunch of help the day of the event (more to come on that). Email Ariana at if you are interested in helping out in one or multiple of those capacities. She will send more info shortly. The Waxahatchee concert is happening on 9/28 at Memorial Chapel, and is free for students, $15 for community members. Ticket sales will benefit WESU. Please announce it on your shows in the coming week or so (there will be a note on the board in Studio A), and play the promo for the event, which can be found at the top of the “Promos” folder on the server.

— Public Affairs: Public affairs producers need to fill-out the form in the “Public Affairs” binder in the studio. Zazie will need a brief 1-2 line synopsis from each of them for our public file.

— Music Directors: Reminder about new music policy – five new releases per hour unless you have an exception from MDS. Those with an existing exception should inform the MDs asap.

— Personnel: Ethan is seeking folks interested in helping out with fall training. More information on the new + improved training process to come soon, but if you’re interested in helping out with this, reach out to him at

— Production: We need some promos to get the word out about the Fall season! Contact Lara if you’re interested in producing a promo for your show, at


And please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the board about your ideas to improve the station, possible event plans, show brainstorming, etc., as we would love to hear them 🙂

Our next meeting is October 4th at 6pm!