This Weeks Notes

Extension of 75th Anniversary Promo competition for next week

Do we has a tagline: we need one, or should we keep “75 years of music and public affairs”

Student group activities fair  How did it go?
Training  – any needs / updates? Who can do this? WP savvy..? Wesleying post? Facebook event? Flyering? Website?
Program guide – Now 2 sided – update please? This need to go to the printer ASAP.
Pledge drive time frame and method? Start up in April? Goal? Maybe 15K—maybe more??? We nearly hit that this past fall… Packets??? When to get them out? What’s the angle? Kindler gentler again…
Staff resource page ( per suggestion last week..
Clean up outdated shows on stream rewind? There are many shows listed that are no longer on air. Can Hanna cross reference? Ben can then double check list and then maybe Nate can delete?
divest from fossil fuels: supermajority vote in the sunday meeting
do we do politics as a station….

Staff meeting on Sunday – need email reminder. 


Record fair

Mailing to ct stores is in the works (by Ian Work study)
need t post around campus and town soon.
Did we send Rec Fair info to Stephan Allison to get listed at and in the City Arts calendar for March?
Can we get an ad it printed in Argus and how do we get the fair promoted on Wesleying? DEVELOPING A BETTER RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ARGUS
DP to work on a press release for the Rec Fair.
SALD funds

Oldies concert update: looks like April 19th at MHC PAC – made a bunch of calls today to start lining up performers. coming together, more from BM soon (maybe the five satins), recognizing CV and community
a lot of promo of
Death in concert? progress is being made
YTST April 12
Roots of Hip Hop summit idea…

75th anniversary

— 75 years of” radio show still needs our input.   Raise your hand if you have contributed to the April (poetry), and May (Wes connected), and June (African American) themes?
— BM reached out to the CFA to see if they might be willing to work with us on some of the events.
— Website needs 75th anniversary landing page  Who can do?—Hoping for 75th committee to meet following the staff meeting.
— MB is working on an alumni update email feeling out interest support for “gala” event.

Discipline – Friday night situation w Dave. Any word on die cast no show?  On air tonight?Board Promo contest listen and vote! Make yours by Sat or be shamed.