Update 3/3/15: Interest Meeting, WESU Art Team

Hello all,

A few announcements:

1. Have you been wanting to be trained as a DJ/have a show/be involved in the station, but haven’t been able to yet? Ben Goldberg, our lovely personnel director, will be hosting spring DJ training this semester and the first info session will take place this Thursday night at 8 pm, at the station! Tell anyone who is interested to come on in Thursday or to reach out to him about it at personnel@wesufm.org.

2. Stay posted in the next few days for the WESU Zines from last semester going up on the website (I will post about it), as well as a call being put out for new submissions! Contact me at publicrelations@wesufm.org if you have any questions or want to be more involved in what the WESU Art Team is working on this season (We’ve been talking about….a semester’s worth of WESU magazine/community building and events/workshops/buttons/stickers/t-shirts/performance art, etc).

That’s all for now.



PR Director

WESU 88.1 fm

Wesleyan University