WESU Board Notes 9/22/15

Budget: Tess + Ethan will write a draft of the budget for next Tuesday (9/29) and send it to the board for review. We’ll talk about any edits at that meeting. Then Ethan + Tess will go into the SBC to submit the request the following Monday (10/5).

Studio B Updates: Tess will send out a doodle to Ben G., Simon, Ethan H., Ben M, about meeting separately to talk Studio B updates. This group will keep the board updated on their progress / run proposals by the board in the coming Tuesday board meetings.

Program Guide: Hannah will be in contact with Cloie about finalizing the program design. It will be done by the end of the week and ready for printing.

Emails: Tess will send out a doc to the board for email collection, so that they are all in one place (usernames + passwords).

Waxahatchee: Nick will keep the group posted about what sort of help he needs. Next week, he’ll give us a ticket profit report.

Local Political Debate: Simon and Zazie will work on this together with Dave Bauer, and keep the board posted / give us an update next Tuesday.

Record Fair: all board members and staff members (reminder email, Ariana?) should invite people to the FB event!
*Next week we should definitely talk about training plans and about the pledge drive plan for the semester.