10-09-12 Board Notes



WESU board of Directors Agenda


program guides – let’s get (Tri)folding!


-TM-didn’t find coverage first show, sent out an email, no one covered it, so person after him turned up automation and he entered automation into spinitron (did he actually do this?)-further disciplinary action? Service hour?

-didn’t know standard procedure about turning up automation, emailed the DJ before him and the DJ said he would turn up automation

-knew he was supposed to find coverage and he didn’t (he thought that automation was coverage-as long as there was something playing on air, that would suffice-Rick encourages TM not to have a defeatist attitude in life)

-BM asserts that the reason that TM was suspended was because the board had to investigate why TM wasn’t at his show

-board encourages TM to pre-record his show

-Scarlet Letter punishment?

punishment? Want him to look at the training guide.

                        -MOTION: no longer suspended, one of his service hours is to pre-record a canned show: PASSED (everyone yells……..)


-NB: fell victim to 1, 3, 5 syndrome

-he was at the staff meeting

punishment? Contact BM! He will make a calendar highlighting 1, 3, 5. PASSED


-Record Fair Promos:

-I and M made them

-MC will talk to MT


-Homelessness Marathon

-A and D contact people in charge

-VT: Press release to Argus Middletown Press Courant, Mtown Eye and Patch

-Isabelle: Promo


-AW talked for about 15 minutes (about 20 showed up)

-He updated the website (updated wesufm.org/training)

-everyone sign up to take interns on your shows!

-let trainees take written exam at any point if they’re prepared but keep official testing day in place (Ben will be a “freelance tester”)

-paper form for service hours/internships vs. online spreadsheet of service hours (form sent to special address, part of board hours to review and enter info into spreadsheet)


-Isabelle leaves

-Check email if you can during board hours!


-AT send email to BM to get forwarding of emails set up


-On website: “If you have information you want to get across, here’s who you contact (about PSAs, Events, submit new music) DN (and VT)


-Facebook update!

-is there anyone on the board who’s interested in created content for the Facebook (MDs?)-Virgil can set you up (AW can have google calendar link to Facebook)

-MD email roundup is kind of long to put on the Facebook

-“to see our picks of the week, click here”



-who’s picking him up? We don’t know because we don’t know what time he’s coming

-Ben suggests using portable Marantz setup with Mic at Podium (if possible)?

-all board members: take flyers and hang ‘em up!

-Wesleying-VT will write the content  for the “Full Fall Lineup” (send it to Adam I. by 7), AI will post it tomorrow (WED) at 8 pm!!!!!!

-JKK will email about lecture series (and record fair)


-Code of Conduct Review

-AT will send out an email, board members plus BS will track changes


-Archiving and Recording shows – Ben has been in touch with company – Sorting out payment and basic tech stuff before handing over to Dan Nass. (MARY EMAIL SBC!!!!)


-Who still needs email forwarding and keys? Let Ben know!



-going with Bricca


-DB confirmed (November 1st)-AVERY SINGS IT!


-MTVU shoot (November 3rd???)


-CMJ-Rick says go to “a place” to get badges (Tues 16th-Sat 20th)


-Need to recruit rec fair DJs

-MC get volunteers together! Send out another email to the staff.


-Playlists / new releases -Are MDs monitoring and keeping tabs on this? Still some non Spinitron users…….

-MDs need to figure out who’s not doing Spinitron

-monitoring new releases, looking through playlists (delegating this/asking for help)

-Confusion-if you’re not playing recorded music, do it to the best of your ability

-Spinitron stuff will soon be in the Code of Conduct

-If you can’t do it yourself, find someone to help you

-MD can send helpful email to specific people (have people who don’t do Spinitron now can stick around after November meeting)


-Spinitron for Automated shows…   Someone’s gotta make sure this is happening. The Needle Drop, Celtic Café, Max Rock and Roll Radio, and more.

-We can offer svc hrs for automated show spinitron input


-WESU Design deadlines…. What type of gear do we want? Long Sleeves and Totes?

-Virgil will contact people!

-Deadline: by the end of October (AG)


“Getting to the point in the meeting where we just giggle” -AD

-Fall Break students need to be alerted they are responsible for finding coverage.

-Music in Public Life Evan’s spots – Should we ask him to find shows that want to air them? Yes. Have him send an email to the staff (each episode) MC will email him about one of the upcoming weeks


MEETING adjourned